Easy Windshield Wipers Replacement Guide


During a rainstorm, have you ever had trouble seeing through your windshield? It may mean your wipers need to be changed. Luckily, replacing them is something you can easily do yourself.

This guide will show you the steps to replace your wiper blades. With clear, unobstructed views on the road, blurry vision will be a thing of the past.

Finding the Right Blade Sizes and Removing the Old Blades

Before you put on new wiper blades, you must know their size. Check your car’s manual or measure the old blades. Make sure you write down their sizes to match them up. This step is key for good performance and seeing clearly on the road.

To take off the old blades, find where the wiper arms connect at the bottom of your windshield. Lift these arms up carefully to make some room. Always put a towel to protect your windshield. Depending on how they’re attached, you might remove them differently.

For wipers with a J-Hook, move the blade towards the arm’s base to unhook it. It will come off then. If they have another type of attachment, look for a tab or button. You’ll either have to push, lift, or slide it to get the old blade off.

After removing the old blade, compare it to the new one. Be sure they match in size and how they attach. This check stops any fitting trouble later. Then, you can carefully place the wiper arm back without the blade.


  • Find the right blade sizes specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Measure the length of both blades and compare them to the specifications.
  • Locate the wiper arms at the base of your windshield and lift them up.
  • Place a towel on the area where the blades rest to protect your windshield.
  • Slide down or release the attachment mechanism to remove the old blades.
  • Compare the old blade to the new one to ensure the same size and attachment design.
  • Place the arm back down on the windshield pad.

Installing the New Wiper Blades and Testing

After removing the old wiper blades, it’s time to put the new ones on. First, take off the plastic cover from the new blade. Be careful not to touch the rubber part. Oils from your skin might make the wipers not work well. Changing wiper blades yourself is easy if you follow a few steps.

Now, attach the new blade to the wiper arm. Make sure it’s the right size. Then, push the hook of the arm through the hole of the blade. You’ll hear a click when it locks in place. Make sure the blade sits flat against the windshield. Do the same for the other wiper, if needed.

Lower the wipers gently back on the windshield. Clean the windshield well to get rid of any dirt. This will stop dirt from causing problems with your new wipers. A cleaner made for glass or a mix of water and vinegar works for this.

With the windshield clean, test the new wiper blades. Turn on the wipers to see how they work across the glass. They should move smoothly and not leave streaks. If they do, they might need a small adjustment or to be replaced.

The best wiper blades will give you a clear view in any weather. To check if they’re doing well, use some washer fluid when testing. This will clean off any dirt or grime better.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are some mistakes to avoid when changing wiper blades. Some include:

  1. Buying the wrong size blades: Always check your car’s manual for the right size.
  2. Forgetting to remove plastic protectors: Take off any covers before putting the blades on.
  3. Mishandling the wiper arm: Don’t let the arm hit the windshield as you take the old blades off.
  4. Rushing the installation: Take your time to fit the new blades securely.
  5. Failing to test the new blades properly: Make sure they work well before you finish.

By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll have clear visibility with your new wipers. This will keep you safe on the road.

best wiper blades

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Wiper Blades

When switching out your windshield wipers, watch out for common mistakes. They can affect how well your wipers work. Here are some key tips for a trouble-free swap:

  1. Buying the wrong size: Getting the wrong size is a big mistake. Always check what size your car needs. This way, your wipers will keep your windshield clear and your view unobstructed.
  2. Forgetting to remove plastic protectors: Remember to take off the plastic covers. They protect wipers during shipping. Leaving them on will make your wipers streak your windshield. So, remove them for smooth operation.
  3. Mishandling the wiper arm: Be really careful with the old wiper arm. It shouldn’t hit your windshield. Such a hit can crack the glass and cost you a lot. Handle it gently as you change the blade.
  4. Rushing the installation: Don’t hurry to attach new wipers. They need to be set up just right. Follow the instructions carefully. Make sure they are firmly in place. Proper setup ensures they work perfectly.
  5. Failing to test the new wipers: After installing, a test is a must. Try them at different speeds and modes. Watch out for any issues like streaks or strange sounds. Testing early helps you fix problems before you need to use them.

By sidestepping these common blunders, you’ll swap your wipers smoothly. And your view will be much better on rainy or snowy days.


It’s important to change your wiper blades for clear vision while driving. This guide makes it easy. You’ll learn to swap them on your own and keep your car safe, no matter the weather.

Check your car’s manual to find the right wiper blade size. Or, use a tape measure to do it yourself. Make sure the sizes match exactly for good cleaning.

Now, take the old blades off carefully. Lift the wiper arms and slide the old blades off. Watch out not to damage your car. Take your time to do this step right.

Install the new blades properly. Take off the plastic from the new blade. Align the new blade with the arm correctly and secure it. Ensure the blade lies flat against the windshield. Now, put the wipers back down gently.

Last, check if the new blades work well. Clean your windshield first. Then, turn the wipers on to different speeds. Look out for any streaks. These might mean you need to fix the blades again.

Stick to this guide to swap your wiper blades without any trouble. This will help you drive safely and comfortably, no matter the conditions.

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