Alpine A290, the hot hatch for the electric age


Alpine ushers in a new era with the launch of the A290—the era of the electric sports car in Alpine mode, respecting the brand’s three pillars: performance, agility and lightweight, as well as French savoir-faire. The A290 is a new entry point into the Alpine world and inaugurates Alpine’s 100% electric Dream Garage. A GT C-Crossover and the new A110 will join the A290.

The A290 incorporates all the sensations so appreciated behind the wheel of the A110 into an urban sportscar. Developed in perfect keeping with Alpine’s DNA, the A290 is compact and agile, offering easy-to-use high performance while guaranteeing comfortable everyday use.  Its Ampere-derived electric platform and energy services to optimise home recharging, including Mobilize Power and bi-directional V2G recharging, make it part of a complete electrical ecosystem offering the best possible experience.

With its cutting-edge design, first-class technical features, ultra-complete connectivity and numerous possibilities for personalising driving, the Alpine A290 is a true Alpine, a new generation designed to embrace the electric era. It has been designed to appeal to a new range of male and female customers, some of whom will be performance-oriented, while others will be more focused on style. The A290 is assembled at the Manufacture in Douai, within ElectriCity. The electric motor is also built in France at the Megafactory in Cléon. The battery will be produced in France beginning in the summer of 2025.

Philippe Krief, CEO Alpine
“Our Alpine A290 is the first model of a new electric generation, inaugurating our Dream Garage in the finest possible way. This urban sportscar marks the introduction of Alpine to a broader public and resurrects a forgotten category, the hot hatch, so much loved for the driving pleasure it delivers.”

An exterior design as a pure expression of sportiness
Proportions play a fundamental role in giving such a small urban car of less than 4 metres a muscular appearance commensurate with the performance it delivers. The AmpR Small platform provides an excellent basis for this, reinforced by a 60mm widening of the track to achieve the visual presence desired by the Antony Villain-led Alpine design team. As a result, the A290 can offer the attitude of a muscular hot hatch ready to spring into action. Its dimensions remain very compact: length 3,990 mm, width 1,820 mm, height 1,520 mm, wheelbase 2,530 mm.

The A290 had to offer a distinctive character in the tradition of Jean Rédélé’s creations… A character made first and foremost by its unique lighting signature, recognisable from afar and comprising four headlamps, as on all Alpine models. In this case, they feature X-shaped motifs reminiscent of rally cars and automatically display a welcome animation when the hands-free card is detected as the owner approaches.

The list of elements that contribute to the bold expression of this body is long: the wide wings, the side skirts incorporating a subtle body-coloured edging that refines them, the aluminium roof edge (or anodised blue as standard on specific versions), the optional French flag on the C-pillar, the black shark antenna (standard), the wing logos (depending on version), the black lacquered body surround and wings, the distinctive line animating the rear door and, finally, the diffuser on the rear bumper. At the front, Alpine is spelt out, and a typical snowflake motif is integrated into the exclusive sports bumper.

At every stage of the body design process, the aerodynamic factor has been considered, which is particularly important when maximising electric range. Pursuing maximum efficiency has shaped the air intake in the bumper to create a beneficial air flow, as well as the wide side skirts, the diffuser, the vanes and the shape of the rear lights. The A290 does not incorporate an oversized spoiler that would have disrupted the rear flow, but rather a ‘ducktail’ at the tailgate to underline its sportiness.

The standard 19-inch alloy wheels come in two exclusive designs. The Iconic wheel design was created to reference the wheels on the Alpine A310. In contrast, the Snowflake wheels recall the origins of the Alpine name and are available in gloss black, semi-diamond black or diamond black finishes. A blue background behind the Alpine logo on the wheels is available as an option. The Brembo 4-piston monobloc front brake callipers with Alpine branding are the same as those on the A110. The front and rear callipers are available in Racing Red or Alpine Blue.

The catalogue includes four body colours, including a new Alpine Vision Blue, a signature colour that has been given particular depth to provide greater contrast between light and dark areas. The A290 is also available in Deep Black, Nival White and Matte Tornado Grey. A limited Première Edition of 1,955 will be available at launch in 4 versions: Première Édition, Beta, La Bleue, La Grise.

Antony Villain, Alpine Design Director
“We conceived the A290 as an ultra-compact variation of the A110, in the purest style of small sports cars or hot hatches. A small Alpine with a character that, at first glance, expresses its potential for driving pleasure to appeal to styling fans and performance enthusiasts alike. The A290 incorporates into a production model the directions from 2023 with the A290_β concept, a true concentrate of Alpine.”

The A290_β show-car
In 2023, Alpine presented its A290_β (A290 ‘beta’) show car, a preview of what the production A290 would become. It was revealed spectacularly with BWT Alpine F1 Team drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon. The show car interprets the design intentions for the A290, representing the first model in Alpine’s Dream Garage. With two front motors and torque vectoring, FFSA homologation for track use, a central driver position and two side passenger seats, the A290_β is conceived as a next-generation electric racing car. Designed in the same spirit as the Alpenglow concept car, it cultivates the brand’s codes, reinterpreted in the light of the electric era. It contains many of the same features as the production A290, including the typical X-shaped visual signature of the four lights, the distinctive wing treatments, the Snowflake wheels and the purpose-engineered Michelin tires. In the cockpit, the steering wheel’s Overtake button provides an instant power boost.

Interior design: cockpit atmosphere
The cockpit focuses on sport in an exclusive ambience, typical of the Alpine world, with the choice of a Deep Blue tone. The driver-oriented cockpit and its passenger side sights, where the car’s name is displayed in backlighting, are complemented by adjustable ambient lighting. The steering wheel, console and seats invite you to hit the road. The A290 is a lively small saloon, with 5 doors for easy access to its 5 seats and a generous 326-litre boot capacity.

First, the exclusive three-spoke sports steering wheel, with a flattened mid-point, is covered in Nappa leather. Highly sculpted and modern, it is designed with accentuated piping to underline its sporty character and a wide steering wheel hoop for better grip. It includes several specific aluminium buttons inspired by the world of Formula 1 racing, with the RCH (for Recharge) rotary knob on the left, to set the regeneration level, the various driving modes on the right, and the immediately recognisable red OV (for Overtake) button above. The steering wheel also includes controls for the driving aids, telephone, voice assistant and instrument display mode. There is also a bespoke audio control pod.

A sport pedal and footrest complete the ergonomics of the A290’s sporty driving position. The 10.1-inch central screen is angled towards the driver, and the physical air-conditionning controls can be adjusted without taking your eyes off the road.

The high centre console between the two seats is inspired by the A110’s iconic design and incorporates the RND transmission controls. Every detail of this area has been carefully considered, with the car’s name embossed on the central armrest, Alpine ‘Snowflake’ grain on the key slot, and the console upholstered in top-of-the-range Nappa leather.

The seats, a fundamental component of any sports car, are meticulously designed in the A290. They offer side reinforcement for extra support without compromising on everyday comfort. Upholstered in environmentally friendly materials, they are a testament to our commitment to sustainability. In the first trim levels, the seats are upholstered in a grained coated fabric (15% recycled plastic and hemp fibre) combined with a deep blue 100% recycled fabric with silica grey contrast stitching and an electro-welded arrow-shaped A logo in the upper section of the backrest. The dashboard, the sides of the centre console and the door panels are padded with a grained-coated fabric.

In the top-of-the-range GT Premium and GTS versions, the seats, dashboard, and door panels are upholstered in Deep Blue and Eevee Grey Nappa leather. Alpine is embossed on the leather headrests, and A290 is embroidered in the centre of the backrest medallion. This Nappa leather is sourced in Europe and processed sustainably. It is tanned using coffee bean pods and plant-based agents for the finish.

Platform and dynamic features: accessible sportiness
Driving pleasure and the thrill of driving a hot hatch were at the top of the A290 development engineers’ list of priorities. In this first Alpine of a new era, electric propulsion enhances sportiness without compromising everyday comfort.

Using a platform specific to electric power, such as the AmpR Small, offers considerable advantages when designing a sporty model. This platform optimises weight distribution (less weight on the front axle) and lowers the centre of gravity. The battery contributes to the car’s rigidity, and its positioning maximises interior space. The skateboard-style architecture and smaller engine mean that the front end is compact. Naturally, this provides a favourable environment to seek perfect balance, with a short wheelbase offering greater liveliness. At the same time, the wide tracks enhance stability and allow for the use of larger tires.

The A290’s engine comes from the higher segment, as Jean Rédélé did in his day with his boosted 4CV transformed into the A106. Here, based on the AmpR Small platform, development has been imagined in historic Alpine style: on the existing base, change the engine, add unique technologies with exclusive suspension, specific brakes, tires and torque management and, of course, the talent of Alpine engineers for tuning. The result is one of the best-performing cars in the segment, with a 0-100 km/h time of 6.4 seconds, up to 220 bhp and 300 Nm of torque, and a weight of just 1,479 kg. However, comfort and practicality are preserved in this 5-door, 5-seater city car, which measures just 3.99 metres, has a generous boot capacity of 326 litres and a turning circle limited to 10.20 metres. The result is the best imaginable versatility in the B segment, with thrilling sensations in everyday use. History is repeating itself in the electric era.

A bespoke engine subframe was created to improve the engine’s positioning, contribute to the vehicle’s handling and provide optimum filtration. Its all-aluminium design and the choice of battery size help to keep the A290’s weight at 1,479 kg, a particularly competitive figure. The low centre of gravity limits the A290’s natural roll, so suspension settings don’t need to go to extremes to keep body roll under control. The use of bespoke suspensions incorporating hydraulic bump stops ensures an excellent level of comfort, which is much appreciated on a daily basis.

The adoption of a multi-link rear suspension, rare in this category, enables particularly fine adjustment of wheel position, giving the A290 top-of-the-range handling and providing a highly directional front end. It also contributes to stability when cornering at high speeds, which has enabled aerodynamic work to focus on drag, a critical factor in efficiency.

The A290’s chassis settings aim to recapture the sporty feel that is part of Alpine’s DNA, with a compromise between agility and stability designed to achieve handling that is both responsive and controllable. Bespoke front and rear anti-roll bars contribute to this balance. The aim is for the driver to feel at ease with the car and for it to be fun for everyone to drive. The result: a sporty road feel, with an incisive front axle that keeps everything nice and tidy. The rear axle is sufficiently mobile when lifting off the accelerator on winding stretches of road while remaining controllable at all times. It offers excellent stability in fast bends, reinforcing the feeling of safety and control.

A great deal of work has gone into the feel of the brake pedal, ensuring excellent control in all driving conditions. Its by-wire control ensures an imperceptible natural transition between regenerative braking and hydraulic braking, provided by a generously dimensioned Brembo assembly. The feel of degressive braking, as well as its endurance and braking power, are in keeping with the high levels of performance offered by the A290.

A button on the steering wheel activates the four different Alpine driving modes: Save, Normal, Sport and Personal. The latter allows independent adjustment of the level of steering assistance, throttle response, lighting ambience and Alpine Drive Sound. As a result, drivers can confidently explore the limits by simply adjusting the pivot point for front-to-rear balance, with a slight lift off the accelerator pedal to tighten the trajectory gradually. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) can be deactivated entirely.

The A290’s 26 driver assistance systems (ADAS) include driver attention monitoring, automatic emergency braking when reversing, forward and rearward detection with emergency lane correction and safe occupant exit. A new My Safety Switch button, located on the left-hand side of the steering wheel, allows drivers to select their ADAS setting preferences in a single gesture, choosing, for example, whether to switch ADAS on or off, the level of intervention and the presence of audible alerts. In addition, an adaptive cruise control system with a stop-go function and a lane departure function to allow two-wheel vehicles, for example, to pass, are standard features on the A290.

Tailor-made tires to guarantee Alpine’s trademark agility.
Michelin and Alpine have enjoyed a long collaboration since 2012. For the A290 project, two years of research and testing were needed to develop three specific 19-inch tires: two summer tires and one winter tire, all three bearing exclusive markings created for Alpine’s future electric range, here with the code A29. They meet exacting specifications for energy efficiency to maximise the vehicle’s range, grip and road holding while preserving the brand’s trademark. Michelin has worked particularly hard on the rigidity of the structure and sidewalls, as well as their tread pattern for each of the three tires.

  • The Michelin Pilot Sport EV is a sporty summer tire with optimised energy efficiency. It combines grip, longevity, and range.
  • The Michelin Pilot Sport S5 is the sportiest summer tire, designed to extract the full performance potential of the A290 in both wet and dry conditions.
  • The Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 is a winter tire offering a high level of grip to cope with various conditions, particularly in cold and wet weather and on wet or snow-covered roads.

Sovany Ang, Alpine VP Product Performance
“At Alpine, the electric motor gives us a new sphere in which to rediscover and reinvent the exhilarating sensations that sporty small saloons can provide. The fine-tuning made possible by electric motoring, as well as the expert work of our engineers and drivers on the instantaneous management of the very generous engine torque and regenerative braking, produce inspiring results for novice and experienced drivers alike.”

Powertrains: performance and efficiency
Depending on the finition, the Alpine A290’s engine has two power levels: 180 bhp in the base version and the GT Premium, and 220 bhp in the GT Performance and GTS. In both cases, the throttle response is calibrated to make the A290 a genuine sports car that is easy to control despite its electric motor’s high levels of power and torque. Its sportiness is best expressed by the right amount of power applied to the pedal. Progressive acceleration must be possible, as is the case with the A110, the reference setup here. The A290 is not intended to caricature but simply demonstrative, usable and efficient. Depending on the driving mode selected, the response range will shift, but it will remain in line with the same principle of progressiveness, which ultimately leads to greater driving pleasure and performance.

The very substantial instant torque of an electric motor (300 Nm in this case) has to be controlled to optimise traction. That’s why the A290’s development engineers have developed a sophisticated upstream torque management system, Alpine Torque Technology, which makes it possible to finely adjust the delivery of optimum torque, in addition to the action on the brakes to maximise traction.

The A290’s first-rate performance is engineered to be easily repeated, with no power loss even when battery capacity drops. Its top versions accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds, putting it at the top of its category.

An Overtake function controlled from the steering wheel by a red button (called OV) delivers extra power for the time it is pressed, and for up to 10 seconds. A recharge time of 30 seconds is required before it can be fully used again. However, after 15 seconds, activating the boost for 5 seconds is possible. This function is taken directly from motorsport and the gaming world has been patented. When this extra energy is released, the instrument screen displays an animation symbolising speed and a display of the time remaining, while a dynamic animation appears on the central Alpine Telemetrics screen.

Regeneration power can be adjusted from the steering wheel in four levels using a physical button marked RCH (for Recharge). The first position leaves the car in complete freewheel mode. Level 1 corresponds to engine braking similar to that found in the A110, and levels 2 and 3 progressively increase the level of regenerative braking, allowing the driver to choose the regeneration mode best suited to their tastes, driving style, or driving conditions.

The A290 features a launch control function. This provides the best possible acceleration from a standing start and is triggered by a very simple procedure. The resulting acceleration is coupled with a spectacular special animation on the instrument screen.

In the absence of natural engine noise in an electric car, the creation of a sound feedback system to accompany driving and provide direct information on the stress on the powertrain helps to enhance sensations and improve the driving experience. This is why Alpine’s teams, working with acousticians and musicians, created two Alpine Drive Sound tones with different frequencies and intensities based on the sounds generated by the engine. They are diffused via the Devialet audio system specially designed for the A290. To ensure authenticity, Alpine has developed the sound of the A290 based on the natural harmonics of its electric motor. The first sound Alternative Sound offers a light, sporty tone designed for everyday use. The second sound Alpine Sound is intentionally very sporty, with a unique sound pattern designed to provide immersion in the A290, helping to structure the driving phases. Both Alpine Drive Sounds can be disconnected and are independent of driving modes.

Lastly, the acoustic vehicle warning system, or AVAS, which is compulsory up to 30 km/h to warn pedestrians of the arrival of an electric vehicle, has also been designed with a unique Alpine sound.

Technology: an immersive digital experience
The 10.25-inch instrument screen behind the steering wheel and the 10.1-inch central infotainment screen oriented towards the driver, with their specific graphics, interfaces and functions, add to the A290’s unique atmosphere. This immersive digital experience is reflected in unique visual themes in keeping with the sporty chic of the A290 cockpit.

The graphic codes of the instrument cluster facing the driver move away from the traditional round dials to adopt a triangular theme with a wired structure. This precise geometric symbol provides a highly legible display of the level of power delivered or recharged on the left and the speed on the right, including a red line to symbolise the speed limits deciphered by the road sign reading system. The regeneration level is shown at the bottom of the screen. The new speed display typography is both sharp and rounded and set against a blue screen background featuring mountain silhouettes, one of Alpine’s hallmarks.

Four different views are offered: Iconic, with the two triangles supporting the power meter and tachometer functions, indicating power and speed; Navigation, featuring Google Maps; ADAS, showing the safety distance to the vehicle in front by displaying the A290 in its body colour with animations of the indicators and brake lights; and Minimal, with basic information.

Depending on the driving mode chosen, indicated at the bottom of the speedometer, the display background changes its general visual theme: Normal, Sport (the mountain ridge line turns red), Save (the mountain turns green), and Personal.

The high-resolution 10.1-inch central screen also has graphic themes and a user interface that is consistent with Alpine’s codes. The design of the pictograms, the typography and the Alpine blue background all contribute to the visual harmony between the two screens. The Alpine Portal system is based on the connected Android Automotive system and Google Automotive Services. It is designed to be fluid and powerful and is continually updated remotely using FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) technology. Simple and intuitive, it can be operated like a tablet, using its tactile surface or the integrated voice assistant. The screen permanently displays the status bar at the top (time, outside temperature, network, etc.), shortcuts to the main menus on the left (home, media, phone, applications, car settings) and air conditioning controls at the bottom. The home page can be customised using widgets.

Google Maps GPS navigation with an electric route planner is standard across the range, as is the Google Assistant voice assistant. A large number of applications are available from the Google Play catalogue. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay can connect a smartphone to the onboard system, either wired or wirelessly, and display a replication of its content.

The Alpine Telemetrics function gives customers access to three main categories of services based on their A290: Live Data, Coaching and Challenges. Like a smartphone application, Alpine Telemetrics will be updated via the Playstore, providing regular access to new content.

Live Data displays driving data according to four different themes:

  • Agility: lateral and longitudinal Gs, ABS/ESC activation, Overtake boost.
  • Power: monitoring of acceleration and braking (regenerative or hydraulic), battery recharging and Overtake boost potential.
  • Endurance: consumption, accumulated energy and battery status.
  • Circuit: lap times, car data (engine and battery temperature, tire pressure and temperature, brake temperature), video recording on a smartphone with driving data display. A button allows the entire session to be recorded on the Alpine Telemetrics smartphone application.

Coaching provides advice on how to get to grips with your vehicle, use the Alpine Telemetrics functions and improve your driving skills. Ideal for learning at your own pace, this section introduces the basic reflexes you need to adopt when driving a sports car, such as eye tracking, trajectory control and braking techniques. As you progress, the concepts covered, such as managing drift when lifting off, become more advanced. The driving section is sometimes signed with the first names of the A290’s development engineers and drivers, who offer invaluable advice.

Challenges is a series of challenges based on agility, power and endurance. It’s a distinctly videogame-style approach, with amusing names (‘to infinity and beyond’, for example) and passing levels to progress. Some challenges are completed on closed roads (acceleration, braking, accelerator pedal percentages over a given distance). In contrast, endurance challenges can be completed on open roads, helping to teach anticipation in driving.

The My Alpine smartphone application provides remote access to a wealth of information about the vehicle, including its location, mileage, range, battery charge level and remaining charge time. It is also possible to plan a route based on recharging needs, programme recharging or preconditioning of the passenger compartment, and remotely activate the horn and lights. It can also manage V2G (vehicle-to-grid) and order a Mobilize Chargepass.

Devialet, exceptional sound
Alpine has teamed up for the first time with Devialet, the French acoustic engineering company, to develop a bespoke sound system for the A290. Devialet’s acoustic expertise, based on more than 250 patents protecting radical innovations in sound, is the fruit of 15 years of cutting-edge engineering and R&D in acoustics. It was deployed at three key stages of the design process: sizing the system and specifying sound equipment requirements, contributing proprietary signal processing technologies, and sound tuning to create four listening modes.

Thus, the architecture – composed of a dedicated 615-watt amplifier, a 20 cm subwoofer, 2 x 2 woofers and tweeters (9 loudspeakers in all) – features SPACE™ technology, which guarantees an all-round sound experience for all passengers, whatever the content being listened to. It is paired with patented SAM® technology, which ensures perfect control of the speakers. These two innovations deliver Devialet’s signature high-fidelity, pure and balanced sound reproduction. The system also offers four listening modes that can be selected to suit individual preferences: Fidelity, Speech, Dynamic and Heavy.

The system is combined with the generation of Alpine Drive Sound engine sounds, diffused via a custom amplifier and played by the audio system. This option is available from the first trim levels upwards and is standard on GT Premium and GTS.

Battery and recharging: a complete ecosystem
The Alpine A290 comes as standard with a 52 kWh battery, giving a WLTP range of up to about 380 km (final data to be confirmed by homologation). A heat pump is included to optimise cabin temperature and preserve range. The A290’s 100 kW DC fast-charging system enables it to go from 15 to 80% charge in 30 minutes or to recover up to 150 km WLTP in 15 minutes. At an AC charging point, its on-board 11 kW charger enables the vehicle to be recharged from 50% to 80% in 1 hour 20 minutes, or 70 km WLTP in one hour, or 3 hours 20 minutes to recover from 10% to 80% charge. This charger incorporates a bi-directional function that lets you use V2L (vehicle-to-load) functions to connect a device via the charging socket. It is also V2G (vehicle-to-grid) compatible, so you can save money on charging at home using the Mobilize Power service.

Google Maps GPS navigation includes the electric route planner, which considers the route, charge level, battery temperature, real-time consumption and automatic preconditioning of the traction battery to calculate the best route by optimising the recharging stages.

Range and equipment: four offers to find your ideal A290
The Alpine A290 range comprises two versions, GT and GTS, and four offers in all. A 180hp engine powers the base GT version and, like the top models in the range, includes a 52kWh battery, an 11kW on-board charger, a 100kW DC charger and a heat pump. Its Iconique 19-inch alloy wheels are fitted with special Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires, and it has full LED headlights and adaptive cruise control with stop & go function. Its heated sports seats are upholstered in a grained coated fabric/fabric blend, its sport steering wheel is trimmed in Nappa leather, and the infotainment package is complete. Alpine Portal integrates Google services and navigation with electric route planning. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay can be connected wirelessly. Lastly, to ease the daily driving experience, front and rear parking aids and a reversing camera are offered as standard.

The range is further enhanced by two complementary models, the GT Premium and GT Performance. The A290 GT Premium focuses on comfort and refinement with its contrasting black roof, tinted rear windows and Alpine Blue brake callipers. Inside, it has a Nappa leather interior, a Devialet premium audio system with Alpine Drive Sound, a heated steering wheel and an induction smartphone charger. The interior mirror is electrochromic, and the exterior mirrors fold electrically.

The A290 GT Performance is even racier. It has the most powerful engine (220 bhp), special Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tires, red brake callipers, black monograms, electrically folding door mirrors, and Alpine Telemetrics.

The top-of-the-range GTS version combines the best of the two GT versions, adding a few exclusive features such as black Snowflake wheels.

A290 GTS Premiere Edition: 1,955 exceptional examples
The ‘Premiere Edition’ limited series, which will be available from the launch of the Alpine A290, will be offered in the Premiere Edition version as well as in three exclusive versions: Beta, inspired by the A290_β show car with contrasting white and black colours, La Grise and La Bleue. A total of 1,955 examples will be produced, a symbolic number evoking the creation of the Alpine brand by Jean Rédélé. What they all have in common is an exclusive livery, extra equipment, and a limited-edition plate on the centre console.

Alpine A290 Photo Gallery

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