Alfa Romeo supercar name reportedly uncovered

Contrary to earlier reports, Alfa Romeo’s new supercar will not be called the ‘6C’ – instead, an iconic model from the past is expected to influence the limited-edition flagship car’s name.

The name of Italian car-maker Alfa Romeo’s upcoming supercar has reportedly been unearthed – and it could cost potential owners more than €1 million ($AU1.64 million) to buy the limited-edition model.

As reported by UK publication Autocar, an insider source claims the new Alfa Romeo supercar will be named ‘33’ – referencing the 33 Stradale sports car of the late 1960s, of which just 18 were made.

The report contradicts earlier information which suggested the new model would be called ‘6C’, which was based on Alfa Romeo’s modern 4C sports car and 8C gra

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