Toyota large electric SUV to spawn Lexus variant

Days after Toyota announced an electric SUV with three rows of seats, a patent filing has revealed there could be a Lexus version sharing the same underpinnings.

It appears Toyota’s luxury division Lexus will also introduce a large electric SUV with three rows of seats – in six, seven or eight-seat configurations, though these options are yet to be confirmed.

Last week, Toyota announced it would begin production of a large battery-powered model in the US from 2025, which is expected to be based on the BZ Large SUV concept shown in December 2021.

In recent days, an unusual patent filing unearthed by Drive showed designs for both Toyota and Lexus bodies for the same vehicle – much in the same way the Lexus LX is based on the Toyota LandCruiser.

While Lexus has based many of its luxury models off Toyota products, it’s uncommon practice to see two vehicle designs listed under the same patent filing.

The Lexus – which could offer between six and eight seats, depending on its interior layout and options – appears to be based off the Lexus Electrified SUV concept, also shown at the Toyota electric vehicle media event in late 2021 alongside the BZ Large SUV concept.

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No details of the large electric Lexus have been announced at this stage, but there’s a good chance the model will be built alongside the Toyota version – which is expected to be named the BZ5X – when it begins production in the US in 2025.

The Lexus TX – which is based on the Toyota Kluger and offers between six and eight seats across three rows – was launched in the May as a US-built SUV with both hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines, with the as-yet-unnamed 2025 Lexus SUV to appeal to customers wanting pure-electric driving.

There’s no word on whether the model is a chance for Australia at this early stage, but it’s unlikely we will see this particular vehicle – either as a Toyota or a Lexus – unless right-hand-drive versions go into production.

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