Ranger Raptor racer taking on Finke after Baja 1000 win

Having taken on the Baja 1000, a near-stock Ford Ranger Raptor will this weekend test its mettle at the Finke Desert Race in the Northern Territory.

The Raptor will be piloted by American father and son team Brad and Byam Lovell, who were also part of the team that drove the same car to victory at the Baja 1000.

“This compared to Baja, there’s less hazards here so you can push hard,” said race driver Brad Lovell, who said he’ll run the car predominantly in four-wheel drive.

“Here the speeds are higher because the terrain… is more consistent. It’s an endurance race, but it’s certainly more of a sprint race than the Baja 1000.”

The race itself will take place over June 11-12 and consists of two sections, each approximately 226km in length.

Unlike the Baja 1000, where the ute had no competition within its category, there’s a handful of other vehicles in its class at Finke.

Although it’s competing in the Production Class and has an unchanged powertrain, the racing Raptor has a few key differences to the Rangers available to the public.

Along with the requisite motorsports and safety kit insid

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