Porsche 911 Dakar imagined as ‘Sport Turismo’ wagon

Porsche 911 Dakar imagined as ‘Sport Turismo’ wagon
Porsche 911 Dakar imagined as ‘Sport Turismo’ wagon

There’s no such thing as a Porsche 911 three-door wagon, let alone one based on the off-road-ready 911 Dakar, but if these computer illustrations are anything to go by, we wish there was!

Porsche is not a brand to shy away from a wild design concept, but sometimes it takes an external party to lift things to another level.

Digital artist Sugar Chow (Instagram: @sugardesign_1) has used the 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar off-road sports car as a base to create a high-riding off-road… wagon.

Sugar Chow has extended the 911’s roofline to create a two-door wagon (or ‘shooting brake’), which along with wider fender flares and all-terrain tyres fitted to the classic ‘Fuchs’ five-spoke wheels, present an even more outrageous machine than the already wild 911 Dakar.

The nose (including front bumper and the bonnet) has been traded for a regular Carrera item, so there are no vents or a recovery anchor point, but the illustrations add racks and a roof box, communications antenna and contrasting side skirts, giving the fictional car a much more adventure-centric look.

While the renders do suit the 911’s shape, this isn’t the first time someone has reimagined one of Porsche’s two-door coupes as a more practical load carrier.

In the 1980s, German tuning company DP Motorsport produced about ten 944 Cargo models (below), a ‘shooting brake’ hatch built on the 944 coupe.

In 2020 a Dutch engineer converted a first-generation ‘986’ Boxster into a two-door wagon, using the nose and bumpers of a 997-generation Porsche 911 GT3 and the rear lamps of a 991-generation 911.

Even Porsche itself was not immune to a unique long-roof modification, as in 1984 a group of engineers presented Ferry Porsche – a former boss of the company, and the son of Porsche’s founder – with a birthday gift by way of the Porsche 942, a custom long-wheelbase wagon based on the 928 coupe, which now resides in the Porsche museum.

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