Motorist dies in single-car crash at Mount Panorama race circuit

A man in his 30s was killed earlier this week after crashing his car at the first corner of the Mount Panorama race circuit in Bathurst – a venue which operates as a two-way public road with a 60km/h speed limit for most of the year.

A motorist has died after crashing his car on a public road that forms part of the Mount Panorama race circuit in Bathurst, believed to be the first non-racing-related fatality at the iconic venue.

In a media statement, the New South Wales Police Force announced emergency services were called following a single-car crash at approximately 9:50am on the morning of July 26.

Emergency services personnel arrived to find the male driver – believed to be in his 30s – had succumbed to injuries sustained in the crash. 

The vehicle reportedly crashed at the intersection of Mountain Straight and Hinton Road – also known as Hell Corner, the first turn of the Moun

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