Is it illegal to not give way to emergency vehicles?

Most drivers know that when there is a police vehicle, ambulance, fire engine or any other emergency vehicle trying to get somewhere, it’s ideal to do your best and move aside.

Emergency vehicles have right of wayYou must allow them to pass when safe to do soFailure to move, or moving in front of emergency vehicles, can result in a fine and/or demerits

Sometimes, it’s not possible – traffic jams can mean you’re stuck and you can’t allow an emergency vehicle to get past.

That’s totally understandable. If there are sirens blaring and blue and red lights flashing, but you can’t physically move, it isn’t expected that you’d intentionally barge your car into another person’s vehicle in order to allow them to pass.

But if you happened to block the path of an emergency vehicle where you could have otherwise safely given way, then you could get yourself into big trouble.

Emergency vehicles have camera systems and they will be able to find out who you are after the fact, so don’t go thinking that you won’t get in trouble if it doesn’t happen straight away.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the potential ramifications o

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