Is it illegal to have the wrong gender on your driver’s licence?

If you’ve moved house or gotten married recently, you probably know there’s a lot on your mind other than changing the details on your driver’s licence.

Having the incorrect name or address on your licence is an offenceFines apply in different jurisdictionsMost laws state a 14-day grace period

But if you don’t change things like your name or address, and you’re pulled over and have your licence checked, you could face a fine. Heck, even if you lose your licence (like, physically misplace it) and don’t notify the requisite authorities, you could cop big fines.

In the case of name changes, you will have to fill out forms and submit documentation to show the change of name. For instance, you may need to show divorce papers, marriage certification, change of name certificate, or a birth certificate.

Gender changes may also require further documentation. According to WA department of transport, for example, a gender change for the state’s records would need a person to provide one of the following:

a statement from a registered medical practitioner or psychologist certifying you have been their client; or an amended b

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