“Flying car” course launched by Australian university RMIT

The airborne automotive future envisioned in the movie Bladerunner and the cartoon series The Jetsons is the focus of a new Australian university course.

A new course on “flying cars” has been launched by a major Australian university. Students will learn by flying drones through backyards. 

RMIT Online announced its Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer program in August alongside classes on AI and “ethical” hacking. The test vehicles do not appear to be drivable on public roads.

“The future of work is moving at an incredible speed … jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago are now in high demand,” a spokesperson for the university told Drive

“Beyond flying cars, there is a bigger conversation to be had around how we prepare Australians with the skills and lifelong learning mentality to keep pace with the changes we’re seeing across workplaces.” 

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