Drive TV road safety special airs this Sunday 24 September at 1pm

Drive Safer provides an essential road safety checklist before you and your family hit the road.

Drive TV’s latest instalment Drive Safer aims to help motorists prepare for the beloved Australian road trip.

In a special 60-minute feature, Drive’s Managing Editor, Trent Nikolic, meets with industry experts to shine a light on the often-overlooked essentials when preparing to hit the open road.

“One of the most important elements of a family road trip is the car. An ANCAP safety rating will give you an indication of how safe your vehicle is, but it falls into the owners’ hands to mitigate the risk of something going wrong,” says Trent.

Shockingly, statistics from the National Road Safety Strategy show 1200 people are killed each year on Australian roads with a further 40,000 people seriously injured.

Australian driver safety expert, Ian Luff, joins Trent to share the common costly mistakes he has seen behind most crashes on Australian roads. “Cars don’t crash, people do. Nearly all crashes are related to human error and road carnage is nearly a $24 billion problem per annum,” says Ian.

Drive Safer steps travellers through key safety considerations every driver should check off before their next journey. From a simple tyre tread-depth test everyone can perform themselves at home, to tips for connecting trailers and caravans, packing practicalities for safe weight distribution and common driver behaviour habits to watch out for.

Drive Safer screens this Sunday 24 September at 1pm on Channel 9.

If you miss it, it will be available to watch here at Drive, as well as on 9Now.

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