Drive Podcast Season 3 Episode 9 – Listen online now!

Drive Podcast Season 3 Episode 9 – Listen online now!
Drive Podcast Season 3 Episode 9 – Listen online now!


Looking for a new car but have a tight budget? Here are our picks for the top five affordable family cars to own right now.

Welcome to the new Drive Podcast!

Each week, Trent and our other team members will bring you news, features, reviews and motoring insights.

The Drive team have crunched the numbers and so Trent and Sam will count down the top five affordable family cars to own right now. On the other end of the scale, they’ll discuss whether the new Range Rover Sport is the best of both on-road and off-road worlds, and they’ll delve into a common area of road rule confusion – whether it’s legal to wear earbuds while driving.  

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Season 3

EpisodeDateHostsTitleEpisode 104/07/23Trent/ SamDon’t Call it a HybridEpisode 212/07/23Trent/ Special GuestWhat Inflation Really Means For Your CarEpisode 319/07/23James/ RobIs This The EV We’ve Been Waiting For?Episode 426/07/23Trent/ SamSomething New for NSW Police VehiclesEpisode 502/08/23Trent/ SamAn “Angry Looking Bit of Gear”Episode 611/08/23Trent / JoshAMG’s V8 U-TurnEpisode 718/08/23Trent/ SamWould You Pay 100k for a Kia?Episode 823/08/23Susannah/ Special GuestsSpeed, Signage and Staying in Your Lane – Drive’s Most Talked About Topics

Season 2

EpisodeDateHostsTitleEpisode 119/01/23Trent / JamesInterview with Kia’s ride and handling engineerEpisode 224/01/23Trent / JoshDemerit pointsEpisode 302/02/23James / GlennInterview with Driver Dynamics lead driving instructorEpisode 410/02/23Trent / JoshBig success for big utesEpisode 514/02/23Trent / JamesA mild-hybrid Hilux and a plug-in hybrid VolvoEpisode 622/02/23Trent / SamInterview with Nissan new energy technology engineerEpisode 702/03/23Trent / SusannahThe most efficient electric carsEpisode 809/03/23Susannah / JamesInternational Women’s Day – interview with Polestar MDEpisode 915/03/23Trent / SamNew car pricesEpisode 1023/03/23Trent / GlennThe Cars of the YearEpisode 1130/03/23Trent/ SusannahAnother hidden cost to EVs?Episode 1204/04/23Trent/ Rob Will Demand For Australia’s Most Anticipated Pick-Up Be Met?Episode 1313/04/23Trent / JoshNews from the New York International Auto ShowEpisode 1420/04/23Trent/ Rob Are we set for more license tests?Episode 1527/04/23Trent / JamesGetting fired up about emissions rhetoricEpisode 1602/05/23Trent/ JoshPrice rises for two of our most popular vehiclesEpisode 1709/05/23Trent/ SamAnother rival for the Ranger?Episode 1817/05/23Trent / JamesHow cars ‘made’ Australia

Season 1

EpisodeDateHostsTitleEpisode 124/08/22Trent / GlennAffordable EVsEpisode 230/08/22Trent / JamesGet ready for fuel price painEpisode 306/09/22Trent / JoshThe car scalpers are hereEpisode 413/09/22James / GlennDo you need a high-performance licence?Episode 520/09/22Trent / SusannahThe Ferrari Purosangue is hereEpisode 627/09/22Trent / JoshSome pressing questions about EVsEpisode 705/10/22James / SusannahIs Geely putting a team together?Episode 811/10/22Trent / JoshSeptember sales surpriseEpisode 918/10/22Trent / GlennAustralia’s best dual-cab uteEpisode 1026/10/22James / JoshToyota’s new HiluxEpisode 1101/11/22Trent / JoshGoing forward by looking backwardEpisode 1208/11/22James / GlennHas the Suzuki Jimny got more than just character?Episode 1315/11/22Trent / JoshVolvo’s shock EV announcementEpisode 1424/11/22Trent / ClintonPower per dollar listEpisode 1530/11/22Trent / RobWill electric utes ever deliver what we want?Episode 1606/12/22Trent / JamesNew battery to offer 1000km range on a single charge

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