Bolide, W16 Mistral, Tourbillon: shaping the future of Bugatti Aftersales in 2024


For Bugatti, delivering unmatched customer service is fundamental to the brand’s prestige. Beyond creation and delivery, offering an all-encompassing ownership experience is a cornerstone philosophy for the team from Molsheim. Reflecting this approach, Bugatti is enhancing its customer service level as it prepares for the deliveries of the Bolide and W16 Mistral, and starts the Tourbillon journey.

With the recent conclusion of the Chiron¹ era and the unveiling of the new Bugatti Tourbillon², Bugatti’s aftersales department must also prepare for the new chapters ahead. Following the start of production of two new models, the Bolide³ and the W16 Mistral⁴, as well as the launch of an entirely new powertrain for the first time in 20 years with the Tourbillon, Bugatti’s customer service and aftersales initiatives will increasingly focus on preparing for the future while also honoring the past. Led by Director of Aftersales and Customer Service, Alexis Ploix – who is celebrating his one-year anniversary with the brand – Bugatti’s customer service team is poised to redefine the luxury automotive experience, following the philosophy ‘Power is in the small details’. While embracing new technological advancements, the brand remains committed to going above and beyond, fostering enduring relationships with its esteemed clientele through its global network of partners.

“As we venture into the era of Bolide and W16 Mistral and start to prepare for the newly unveiled Tourbillon, equipped with our first ever naturally aspirated V16 engine and electric powertrain, our fleet of cars is expected to expand significantly,” said Ploix. “With a projection of 1,200 cars on the road in 2026 – the key to the brand’s continued success is ensuring that our global aftersales and customer service teams are equipped to accommodate this surge and that their facilities are adjusted to new technologies such as the Tourbillon’s V16 hybrid powertrain. We need to work hand-in-hand with our partners to anticipate – and realize – Bugatti’s exciting new future, ensuring that their facilities remain high-tech and optimal so that they continue to be a perfect fit for our latest models and next-generation technologies. In parallel, we also need to maintain the very latest training initiatives so that our partner teams have all the required technical expertise and competencies to deliver a level of customer service and dedication that is incomparable to anything else in the automotive world.”

With there currently being just six exclusive Bugatti Service Partners of Excellence around the world – in addition to Molsheim – capable of undertaking all precise and high-tech maintenance operations, Bugatti is today forging ahead to enhance its global proficiency in this pivotal area, ensuring that the brand provides core competencies and personalized services that are as physically close as possible to all its customers.

Central to offering customers next-phase dedicated solutions will be the implementation of an advanced level of competencies within Bugatti’s partners network. This advanced level will primarily seamlessly transition some selected partners from being currently trained to do standard maintenance and servicing operations into offering a far more advanced and complex customer service implying a higher technical level of expertise.

In total, 15 international partners will undertake this transition, in the process complementing the existing Service Partners of Excellence structure and further fortifying the brand’s unrivalled ability to swiftly deliver dedicated customer service that is truly unique. Key to this endeavor is continued growth in Bugatti’s roster of skilled service technicians, giving partners even more experts with advanced technical acumen. Over the coming months, these select partners will undergo comprehensive training, gaining in-depth knowledge of Bugatti vehicles, its cutting-edge tools, as well as the 115-year history of the brand and insights and experiences relating to the home of Bugatti in Molsheim.

To further enable evolved optimization of the Bugatti partner network to continue to delivering a flawless customer experience within a changing automotive landscape, the brand has launched a new Service Partner Accreditation program that is being undertaken at the Château Saint Jean, home of the brand. The first sessions have just been completed and further workshops are planned throughout the course of the year, helping to build and reinforce a connection between the trusted partners and the brand’s past, present and future in Molsheim. This extended certification doesn’t just delve into the technical intricacies of Bugatti’s latest hyper sports cars but ensures that partners have strong knowledge of the brand and are perfectly equipped to care for every Bugatti car on the market. For Bugatti, whose customers have a unique attachment to the brand’s legacy, it is fundamental that its global partners, whether in sales or aftersales, embody the brand.

“Through this concerted effort to empower our partners with more state-of-the-art facilities and even deeper technical and customer service proficiency, we will further elevate Bugatti’s service standards, ensuring that every customer receives nothing short of excellence wherever they may be,” commented Ploix. “We understand that owning a Bugatti is not merely about possessing a remarkable automobile; it is about embracing an unparalleled lifestyle of luxury. In developing our capabilities, we are extending that lifestyle beyond the vehicle itself, guaranteeing that every aspect of our customers’ experience reflects the same level of refinement.”

While Bugatti continues to focus on the future of the brand, its approach to aftersales and customer service also places an emphasis on the increasing number of timeless classics within its global parc. This includes the Veyron, and the Chiron as it transitions into a modern classic in the not-so-distant future.

As part of efforts across 2024, the marque is working to meet the growing needs of current and future pre-owned Bugatti owners through greater refurbishment possibilities, an improved change of ownership process, and a wider range of products. This includes reinforcing the ‘Passeport Tranquillité’ program – launched in 2021 to offer extended servicing and maintenance for owners of Veyron and Chiron models beyond the standard warranty period, offering the ultimate peace of mind – as well as training partners on all models since the Veyron.

All recognized as ‘forever’ cars – the Tourbillon is ‘Pour l’éternité’ (for eternity) – Bugatti is ensuring that Veyron and Chiron owners have continued access to the necessary parts for maintenance and refurbishment, guaranteeing longevity and value retention. With the Veyron already established as a modern classic car and the Chiron moving towards modern classic status following the unveiling of its hybrid successor, the Tourbillon, the brand is committed to providing these owners with the same full restoration possibilities, ensuring a timeless legacy.

Ploix added: “At Bugatti, we are dedicated to crafting top-tier hyper sports cars. It is crucial that the service provided by our global network of partners mirrors this devotion, ensuring an unmatched customer experience for our discerning clientele regardless of location and no matter the model. As we look ahead to 2024 and beyond, our customer service team in Molsheim is actively preparing for the future, taking into consideration, more than ever, our past.”

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