Video: Road-rage driver caught on dash-cam, crashes into fire hydrant

Road rage never delivers a good outcome, as the driver of this Toyota Aurion sedan found out.

A dash cam video published on YouTube by Dash Cam Owners Australia, shows a road rage driver in a Toyota Aurion – the V6 version of the previous two Toyota Camry models – crash into a fire hydrant and a power pole after an altercation with a ute.

The footage, which appears to have been shot in Melbourne, shows both cars approaching an intersection where the road is marked to merge into a single lane.

The Toyota Aurion passes the ute – which is fitted with a dash cam – on the left of the narrowing lane, which causes the ute driver to beep his horn.

The Toyota sedan is then seen to brake suddenly in front of the ute, at which point the dash-cam driver conveys some verbal frustration.

At the intersection, the Aurion starts to turn left. But when the ute driver beeps the horn again, the Toyota Aurion appears to brake-chec

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