Video: Car crash-lands in front yard while woman films sewing video

An out-of-control Toyota Corolla has jumped and landed into the front yard of a woman’s house while she filmed a sewing video for TikTok, in new footage out of the US.

It’s the headline you never thought you’d read, but the clip you just have to see.

A Florida woman was filming her sewing blog for social media platform TikTok when – visible through the window behind her – a Toyota Corolla jumped and crash-landed in her front yard.

Jen Wesner was mid-video when the car crashed into her house. Despite being visibly shocked, she can be seen quickly running to assist the driver who was unhurt.

In footage captured by a security camera across the street, the car can be seen driving through a stop sign and launching from the grass nature strip into the front yard of the house, stopping a few metres before colliding with the wall.

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