Robo-taxi passengers admit to sex acts in autonomous cars – report

Robo-taxi passengers admit to sex acts in autonomous cars – report
Robo-taxi passengers admit to sex acts in autonomous cars – report

A report from San Francisco – the epicentre of so-called ‘robo-taxis’ in the US – claims a number of autonomous vehicle passengers are taking advantage of the driverless cars, by getting a bit too close for comfort in the back seat.

San Francisco’s booming population of experimental autonomous ‘robo-taxis’ has encountered a number of setbacks – from gridlocks caused by network connectivity problems, to the tragic (but reportedly unavoidable) death of a dog which ran in front of one of the auto-pilot vehicles.

However, some passengers have allegedly admitted to performing sex acts while being transported to their destination.

The San Francisco Standard report says it spoke to a number of San Francisco residents who claimed to have been intimate in the autonomous taxis on multiple occasions – despite the vehicles being fitted with interior cameras to monitor the safety of passengers.

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According to The San Francisco Standard, two ‘robo-taxi’ passengers who agreed to be interviewed by the publication, claim they had not yet been contacted by the cab company about their session of intimacy.

For now, it is unclear if customers caught in the act would face a ban from the autonomous taxi service.

After requesting comment from Cruise and Waymo – two of the largest ‘robo-taxi’ operators in San Francisco – The San Francisco Standard was not given a direct response regarding whether sex acts are allowed in its vehicles.

However, the companies do have clear rules which ban passengers from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes in the autonomous cars.

While this is believed to be the first reported instance of ‘robo-taxi’ passengers admitting to sex acts while using the service, it is not the first time an autonomous driving system has been used to take control of a car while its occupants become intimate.

In 2019, a video of a couple having sex in a Tesla – while using the car’s semi-autonomous driving technology, marketed as Autopilot – was uploaded to an adult film website.

A few days later, Tesla CEO Elon Musk uploaded a post to social media platform Twitter – now known as X, and owned by the electric-car company executive – saying “turns out there’s more ways to use Autopilot than we imagined” in response to the lewd video.

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