Subaru BRZ tS: ‘Sharper’ sports car revealed

Subaru has revealed a “sharper and more focused” version of latest-generation BRZ at an event in the US – and it revives a nameplate last seen in 2021 on the previous-generation model.

Images of the Subaru BRZ tS at the Subiefest California “enthusiast festival” have been shared online on various social media. At this stage Subaru has yet to officially detail anything about the car.

We’ve reached out to Subaru Australia in regard to the BRZ tS and will update this story once we hear back.

According to Reddit user PlatinumElement, the BRZ tS won’t be a limited-production model like it was in some markets and instead be a new trim level available in any production colour. In Australia, the previous-generation model was a permanent variant from its introduction in late 2017.

On the outside there isn’t much to distingui

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