Rented Lamborghini slides under truck in high-speed crash

Warning: This article contains graphic scenes that can be triggering for some readers.

The driver of a rented Lamborghini Aventador S has smashed into the back of a truck while reportedly traveling 100mph (160km/h) in the U.S.

According to an Instagram post by FerrpartsUSA, the driver of the rented supercar sustained only minor injuries from the accident despite the blood on the airbag.

FerrpartsUSA reports the accident occurred in Dalton, Georgia and the rental was from Atlanta, some 133km away.

The photos show the front left wheel missing and the back left tyre dislodged from the wheel. The rear engine bay is bent in as a result of where the truck landed, and the rear window is completely shattered.

Inside the car, the windscreen has been completely ripped apart. The driver’s airbag was deployed and covered in blood while the centre console contains bits of shattered glass and more blood.

The passenger side has been completely ripped apart.

It’s unclear what the cost of the vehicle was to hire or the excess.

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