NSW police seize more than 20 cars intended for gangland murders

The NSW Police Force has seized more than 20 so-called ‘kill cars’, which had allegedly been prepared to help carry out underworld assassinations and kidnappings.

7News reports the cars were located in the suburbs of Western Sydney and showed footage of torched Kia Sportage.

The cars had petrol-filled jerry cans onboard, along with balaclavas and gloves. They were also fitted with fake number plates.

They had been located as part of an investigation by Task Force Magnus.

The NSW Police Force established Task Force Magnus in July as a “proactive policing strategy” to target and disrupt violent crime, including shootings.

It has also been established to investigate organised crime in Sydney. Earlier this month, nine people were arrested and drugs and $45,000 in cash were seized.

This week, Task Force Magnus detectives arrested two men following an investigation into the fatal shooting of Alen Moradian on June 27, 2023.

Following the murder, a burnt-out Porsche and Holden Commodore were located.

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