Legendary custom car creator Kindig ditches V8 for electric

One of the world’s leading custom car creators is flicking the switch to electric.

After making his name with wicked V8-powered hotrods and restomods, Dave Kindig – frontman for the Kindig Customs television show – has made the battery-electric switch for his newest private ride.

It’s a fresh take on his passion project, a modern reimagining of the classic 1953 Chevrolet Corvette called the CF1.

The regular run for the carbon fibre-bodied CF1 comes with a 485kW V8 engine but his personal car is silent, electric and stupidly quick.

“Don’t hate me, but I got addicted to torque a couple of years ago,” Kindig told CarExpert, speaking from his Kindig-It Design office in Salt Lake City in the USA.

The result is a lightweight carbon-fibre roadster with more than 4000Nm of torque, now called the ECF1.

“So that’s fully electric. No gas (petrol) engine assist at all,” he said.

Kindig is not predicting a wholesale shift to electrification for his custom car business, which is busy with up to a dozen hand-built creations each year, but can see a future for a small run of the ECF1.

“I plan to offer that as

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