LCT, ADR, ANCAP: The red tape ‘plague’ hurting Australian car buyers

Australia needs to cut through a “plague” of red tape to give a better service to car buyers, according to one of the country’s industry titans.

Australian Design Rules should be the first to go, followed by the Luxury Car Tax and then ANCAP safety rankings, according to one-time head of Toyota Australia, John Conomos.

The end result of the changes would be cheaper cars, access to more models, and quicker delivery times.

Conomos is promoting a full harmonisation with European industry regulations, and the removal of unique and outdated requirements for local sales, by dismantling a range of outdated regulations.

John Conomos (left)

“They have been a plague on the car industry for far too long,” Conomos told CarExpert.

“It’s a huge cost. We should be fully harmonised with Europe. Then we would get the latest technology as it comes off the line in Germany or Austria or wherever. The cars could be on the next ship to Australia.”

Conomos has been one of the most influential figures in Australia motoring over the past 50 years, rising to the head of Toyota Australia and also becoming o

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