Watch this Tesla driver ignore Autopilot alerts before crash

US regulators are investigating over a dozen crashes involving Teslas in Autopilot mode striking emergency vehicles, and one outlet has obtained dashcam and police body camera footage plus partial data logs from one.

The Wall Street Journal published footage from a February 27, 2021 crash involving a 2019 Model X, which struck parked emergency vehicles on a highway in Montgomery County, Texas at a speed of 87km/h.

Police vehicles were parked in a lane on the highway performing a traffic stop on another driver, and the crash resulted in injuries to five officers and the hospitalisation of the other driver.

The Tesla only detected a vehicle in its path just 2.5 seconds and 34m before the crash, though it had earlier been able to detect moving non-emergency vehicles at a much greater distance.

While that was a slow response time, the system can’t be entirely to blame as the driver was allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

Not only that, he also allegedly ignored a total of 150 alerts from the Autopilot

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