Land Rover Defender Bowler review

There’s nothing stately about a Defender Bowler.

It’s not something King Charles is going to strap himself into for a brief excursion down to the stables at Frogmore House. But that doesn’t mean driving one of these Bowler-built dirt racers shouldn’t be on your bucket list.  

My earliest introduction to this madcap off-road outfit was at a Land Rover event at Great Packington in the UK in 2013, where Bowler was displaying a few of its extreme machines, including the hugely powerful Range Rover Sport-based EXR S monster along with a couple of legit Dakar contenders. 

Following a good old chinwag with Bowler founder Drew Bowler, I was confident of a steer or at least a passenger ride after watching Tiff Needell have so much fun on the box, but instead, had to settle for a deep river crossing in an amphibious Defender. Oh yes, back then, Land Rover engineers were just as bonkers as the Bowler clan.

Those outside the hardcore off-road fraternity might also be surprised to learn that Bowler has been around for more than a few decades. Initially, modifying

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