Ford Mustang V8 here to stay, even in the electric era – executive

Ford Mustang V8 here to stay, even in the electric era – executive
Ford Mustang V8 here to stay, even in the electric era – executive

This Ford Mustang V8 could survive well into the electric-car era, according to a senior executive for the company.

The next Ford Mustang V8 may not be the last – and the concept could continue into the next decade well into the electric-car era.

That’s the view of the global brand manager for the Ford Mustang, Jim Owens.

In an interview with Australian media in the US last week, the senior executive said the Ford Mustang V8 will continue to be built “for as long as we can, we will.”

When asked if the imminent demise of Ford Mustang rivals such as the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger – before they switch to electric or six-cylinder power – Mr Owens said:

“This isn’t our first time that Camaro and Challenger have not been with us. So there’s been times when those products have not been in the segment, and we’ve been here continuously (since 1964).”

The Ford executive acknowledged the Mustang might not appeal to fans of Chevrolet or Dodge muscle cars, but there was still a market among younger and older buyers.

“People who have a bow tie (Chevrolet logo) tattooed on their body or a Challenger logo, Hellcat logo … we probably won’t bring those people in,” said Mr Owens.

“But for those who are still interested in (petrol-powered V8) version of the sports car and don’t have their loyalties, we really believe that we have the design, the (engine), the suspension … and the technology.”

The Ford Mustang brand manager said the company was still investing in V8 power for future models.

“We’ve invested in (the V8) because we have a Mustang Mach E GT performance package that you can get if you want to choose an electric car,” said Mr Owens.

When asked if Ford was concerned V8 power could be outlawed by stricter emissions regulations in the future, the executive said:

“I can’t comment on what the government’s going to do, but at least here in the US, we are meeting (emissions) requirements through our mix of vehicles.

“We don’t buy credits. We manage the mix (of cars we sell) to manage the (emissions targets).

“Part of the reason why we’re allowed to do two new (petrol-powered) engines is the success of the Ford F-150 Lightning and the success of the Mustang Mach-E. Those are zero emission vehicles.

“We’re going to continue to comply (with emissions mandates) and right now we do it through fleet balancing. We produce a certain number (of electric vehicles) to be compliant.”

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