Chery rolls out Omoda 5 safety tech update

Chery says it has fixed one of our key criticisms of its new Omoda 5 crossover by updating the performance of its active safety and driver assist features.

“In the latest update of our ADAS system, we have introduced a series of refinements aimed at optimising the system’s logic for improved adaptability to Australian conditions,” said a Chery Australia spokesperson.

“These refinements have been applied to all vehicles prior to their sale.”

The spokesperson confirmed all Omoda 5 vehicles delivered in Australia have received the update.

“One key update involves the removal of an instrument notification beep that was triggered whenever the system detected a status change, such as lane detection or non-detection,” the spokesperson added.

“This modification has notably improved the overall driver experience,” Chery claims. “In addition, we have made refinements to optimise the system’s logic, ensuring better adaptability to Australian conditions,” they added.

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