BYD Seal U electric SUV a chance for Australia

Chinese electric-car maker BYD is targeting the Tesla Model Y with a new electric SUV for Europe and the UK, called the Seal U. Will it come to Australia?

Chinese electric-vehicle manufacturer BYD has announced plans to introduce the Seal U in Europe later this year or early next year – as a rival for the world’s best-selling electric car, the Tesla Model Y SUV.

While it will be built in right-hand drive for sale in the UK, it is yet to be locked in for Australian showrooms.

BYD Australia has previously confirmed an intention to add a mid-size SUV to its local line-up next year, to sit above the small Atto 3 – but its identity is yet to be announced, and it is not clear if it is the Seal U or an as-yet-unseen model from BYD in China.

The boss of BYD’s Australian distributor EVDirect, Luke Todd, said the identity of the new SUV will be announced later, when contacted by Drive.


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