Bentley appoints ex-Volvo designer as new head of design

Designer returns to Bentley to oversee the design of its electric future.

From Bentley to Volvo and back again, the luxury British manufacturer welcomes a key staffer back to the ‘Flying-B’.

Robin Page has been announced as the new head of design at Bentley, marking his return to the company.

Previously, Page served as the head of interior design at Bentley from 2001 to 2013 before becoming the head of global design at Volvo, where he played a significant role in shaping the brand’s electric car future.

Page is said to have been involved in the design for the first-generation Continental GT, the Mulsanne, and the State Limousine for the Royal Monarch.

Page says in his new role he will be tasked to help bring Bentley into the electric-car era.

Bentley is expected to unveil its first all-electric vehicle, with a claimed 1000kW performance capability in 2025.

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