2024 Maserati Grecale Trofeo review

Aussies are crazy for hi-po SUVs in the mid-size luxury segment, with no less than six heritage brands in the mix but only the made-in-Italy 2024 Maserati Grecale Trofeo can boast a full-blown supercar engine under its bonnet and that oh-so-famous trident grille emblem.

Shoehorned deep into the engine bay is the same powerhouse 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged Nettuno V6 engine from Maserati’s MC20 mid-engined supercar, but for a couple of changes better suited for daily-driver duties.

In the wickedly quick MC20 this engine uses a dry sump making  463kW at 7500rpm and 730Nm from 3000rpm to 5500rpm whereas in the Grecale Trofeo it’s detuned and gets a wet sump for a maximum output of 390kW at 6500rpm and 620Nm between 3000rpm and 5500rpm.

Nevertheless, its performance out of blocks is on par with several of its rivals, which is to say it’s damn quick; but I’d suggest that’s not the only reason some buyers will gravitate towards Maserati’s offering  over more

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