2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse review

The Ford Mustang is a resilient beast. 

It’s survived fuel crises, the malaise era, multiple financial crashes and, more recently, a global push to euthanise gas guzzling, peace disturbing internal-combustion cars in favour of whisper quiet electric cars. 

Chevrolet is killing the Camaro, Dodge is calling time on the Challenger and Charger, and the likes of Pontiac and Buick… well, the less said about them the better. 

Ford just keeps on keeping on, though. Now into its seventh generation, the Mustang is still powered by a good old-fashioned V8 engine (we’ll give the EcoBoost as much time as most buyers do in this review), and still offers the option of three pedals and a stick to properly take charge.

That’s not to say the latest Mustang is stuck in the past. 

It’s crisper to look at on the outside, and the interior has been thoroughly overhauled with a dual-screen display that’s more Stuttgart than Alabama.

Ford has also fiddled with the mechanical bits to squeeze more power from the engine, and to improve the ride an

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