2023 Toyota GR Supra review

The Toyota Supra is almost as storied in Japanese automotive lore as Nissan’s ‘Godzilla’ GT-R.

As a kid growing up with Gran Turismo and Fast and Furious, Japan’s great sports cars of the ’90s were things of worship for young car enthusiasts, well before any of us could learn how to drive.

Like the GT-R, the Supra had a lengthy hiatus after the fourth-gen A80 model went out of production in the early 2000s, leaving many wondering if Toyota would ever rejoin the sports car fold.

The 86 arrived in the early 2010s to much acclaim, itself a rebirth of the AE86 series of front-engined, rear-driven Corollas given cult status by Initial D, and rumours of a reborn Supra swirled for years.

Toyota revealed the FT-1 concept at the 2014 North American International motor show – and for years it was rumoured to be a preview for a new sports car that wo

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