2023 Lexus UX 300e price and specs

The updated Lexus UX 300e hit showrooms in June 2023 with more range, and a more modern interior. One model has now also received a price cut.

UPDATE, 27/08/2023 – Lexus Australia has adjusted the asking price of some of its UX 300e line-up, as part of a wider range price adjustment.

A Lexus Australia spokesperson told CarExpert the new pricing reflects Luxury Car Tax (LCT) adjustments and “general price increases”.

“Customer orders in the system are protected from these price adjustments,” they said.

Lexus has subbed out the 54.4kWh battery pack from the 2022 model for a 72.8kWh unit that frees up an additional 135km of claimed range.

The cabin has also been treated to an update, with the inclusion of a larger infotainment touchscreen running updated software, USB-C charge ports, and wireless Apple CarPlay. It’s also now fitted with connected satellite navigation capable of tapping into real-time traffic and parking information.

As is the case elsewhere in the Lexus range, the updated infotainment system supports over-the-air updates. It also

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