Zenvo Aurora revealed with two hybrid V12 options

Danish hypercar, Zenvo Aurora, blends hybrid technology with a V12 engine – and an astronomical price.

The Aurora emerges as a wild new hypercar from Danish car maker Zenvo. Named after the Northern Lights – the Aurora Borealis – this lightweight creation generates a huge output from its V12 engine paired to a hybrid system.

The Zenvo Aurora comes in two versions. The Zenvo Aurora Tur, named for its touring capabilities, omits a front electric motor, transforming it into a rear-wheel-drive lightweight variant with a dry weight of 1300kg – the lightest car Zenvo has ever built.

On the other hand, the Zenvo Aurora Agil (agility) touts an all-wheel-drive setup with front-axle torque vectoring. This configuration offers improved grip and on-road performance at the cost of an extra 150kg over the front axle.

The model has an exposed carbon fibre monocoque chassis called ‘ZM1’ and offers “Formula 1 levels of structural safety”, which might be needed with the lightning-fast accel

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