Video: This Porsche Taycan on skateboard wheels comes with a twist

A video of a Porsche Taycan electric-car on oversized skateboard wheels has been shared by perplexed internet users – including skateboarding legend Tony Hawk – but all is not as it seems.

An otherwise inconspicuous Porsche Taycan has left internet users scratching their heads, as a widely-shared video shows the electric sedan parked on a street with large skateboard wheels under its arches.

The video – which has been shared to Instagram by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and received more than 80,000 ‘likes’ – shows the blue Taycan parked outside a house on what appears to be a London street, with a set of oversized skateboard wheels in the place of the Porsche’s standard alloys.

While the detail on the wheels – such as dirt on the inner surface and a large single nut in the centre – gives the appearance of this being the real deal, it is actually an advanced computer-generated ‘swap’ designed to look lifelike.

Created by online artist Fred Arthur, the Porsche Taycan is real though its wheels are not, as they have been digitally added into the video after it was recorded – albeit very convincingly.

The Taycan is just one of the skateboard-themed renders made by the artist, who has previously shared photos on Instagram of a classic Porsche 911 and BMW M1 supercar riding on plastic wheels.

For now, one of the only connections between skateboard culture and the car industry is the ‘skateboard’ name, used to describe modern electric-vehicle platforms which house batteries and electric motors in one structure.

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