UK anti-SUV extremist group cut tyres of more than 60 vehicles

A Jaguar dealership in the UK has been targeted by a group of anti-SUV extremists, who cut the tyres of vehicles they deem to be dangerous to pedestrians and the environment – potentially causing more damage to both in the process.

A radical group of anti-SUV extremists have yet again made headlines, claiming responsibility for slashing the tyres of more than 60 vehicles at a Jaguar dealership in the UK.

As reported by CarBuzz, the group – who call themselves ‘The Tyre Extinguishers’ (or TX for short) – claims the eradication of SUVs would improve the climate, public health and safety.

To stop SUVs – even electric ones, which emit zero tailpipe emissions – from driving in urban areas, the radical group cuts tyres of vehicles it deems to be dangerous to the environment and pedestrians, causing major inconvenience and inflicting unex

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