UK anti-SUV extremist group cut tyres of more than 60 vehicles

UK anti-SUV extremist group cut tyres of more than 60 vehicles
UK anti-SUV extremist group cut tyres of more than 60 vehicles

A Jaguar dealership in the UK has been targeted by a group of anti-SUV extremists, who cut the tyres of vehicles they deem to be dangerous to pedestrians and the environment – potentially causing more damage to both in the process.

A radical group of anti-SUV extremists have yet again made headlines, claiming responsibility for slashing the tyres of more than 60 vehicles at a Jaguar dealership in the UK.

As reported by CarBuzz, the group – who call themselves ‘The Tyre Extinguishers’ (or TX for short) – claims the eradication of SUVs would improve the climate, public health and safety.

To stop SUVs – even electric ones, which emit zero tailpipe emissions – from driving in urban areas, the radical group cuts tyres of vehicles it deems to be dangerous to the environment and pedestrians, causing major inconvenience and inflicting unexpected costs on the SUV’s owners.


[NOTE: We are not responsible for actions, we simply publicise them]

Last night TX destroyed tyres on at least 60 vehicles at Jaguar Exeter, after a Land Rover killed 2 innocent girls in Wimbledon in July.

— The Tyre Extinguishers (@T_Extinguishers) August 7, 2023

The latest attack targeted a Jaguar dealership in Exeter – approximately three hours south-west of London – where members of the group claim to have cut the tyres of “at least 60” vehicles held at the showroom. 

Confusingly, in a post uploaded to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), The Tyre Extinguishers said they took responsibility for the act of vandalism – while also noting the group’s management is not responsible for any actions taken by its members, only publicising the outcomes.

According to the extremist group, the attack on the Jaguar dealership is in retaliation for a fatal car crash involving a Land Rover SUV last month.

On July 6, a Land Rover crashed through the fence of a school in Wimbledon, London, killing two eight-year-old girls. The SUV’s driver, a 46-year-old woman, was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. 

While SUVs arguably do more damage to the environment than traditional passenger cars – due to their typically higher weights resulting in increased fuel and tyre usage – the extremist group’s way of addressing the problem, unsurprisingly, creates more harm than good.

By cutting a vehicle’s tyres, the group is forcing car owners to buy new rubber – increasing demand for tyres and requiring more toxic chemicals to enter the atmosphere via production.

Towing these vehicles to a repair shop would also likely result in more emissions being produced by the tow trucks transporting them than by the SUV itself.

Additionally, if SUV drivers do not realise their tyres have been damaged before driving, they will be at a higher risk of a crash.

The group has also previously cut the tyres of electric SUVs – despite producing zero tailpipe emissions.

While The Tyre Extinguishers have yet to report any attacks in Australia, the radical group has previously told SUVs Down Under are the “next big target”.

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