Totem GT Super modernises the classic Alfa Romeo Giulia with a twin-turbo V6 heart

Sports car-maker Totem has come full circle by returning to petrol power, after making a name in battery-powered sports cars.

Italian sports car remanufacturer Totem Automobili has past record in resto-modding vintage Italian sports cars with electric power, but the niche outfit has returned to the petrol engine in creating the new Totem GT Super.

Totem’s first release, in 2022, used the 1960s Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA as a donor car in order to create a battery-powered, environmentally-friendly rendition, which the marque insists does not compromise on driving experience.

But its latest model breathes new life again into the iconic Alfa Giulia by supplanting a purpose-designed twin-turbo V6 for the original non-turbo four-cylinder. This version is said to be for the Italians at heart who yearn “for the screaming motors that [we’ve] grown up with as kids.”

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