Retro-styled Honda electric hatchback concept to debut next month

Honda will bring a funky retro-look hatchback to the Tokyo motor show, joining a large display of the Japanese brand’s electric concept cars.

A Honda hatchback with electric power and a retro design will be showcased at next month’s Tokyo motor show – but it’s not yet known whether the funky model will ever reach showrooms.

The Honda Sustaina-C borrows design cues from the Honda E electric hatchback – as well as a hint of the reborn Renault 5 hatchback – but it is claimed to be even more environmentally friendly than other Honda electric cars due to an acrylic resin body.

According to Honda, the acrylic resin body panels “demonstrate the concept of transcending the constraints of the limited availability of resources through ‘resource circulation’ [recycling].”

The Sustaina-C concept car will be on show at the 2023 Tokyo motor show (due to run from October 26 to November 5), alongside a small electric bike (called the Pocket Concept), a two-seat city vehicle (dubbed the CI-MEV) and a new sports car.

The sports car – officially named the Specialty Sports Concept – is expected to preview a reborn Honda Prelude or S2000 with electric power, which Japanese reports claim could enter production in 2028.

As previously reported, Honda aims to launch 30 battery-powered models by 2030 – before it ditches petrol and diesel-powered cars entirely by 2040.

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