Podcast: MG 4, digital number plates and Hyundai bashes EV charging


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Sean, Jade and Scott dissect Hyundai’s recent claims that Australia’s EV charging infrastructure is a mess; they take a look at new digital number plates being trialled in the USA; and the MG 4 is in the spotlight as Scott and Jade share their recent driving experiences in one of Australia’s cheapest EV’s.

Welcome to our new video podcast! While we’ve been publishing the CarExpert Podcast as an audio podcast for some time, we wanted to change things up with a video podcast! It’s hosted by Sean Lander (one of our videographers), resident CarExpert Scott Collie and our Social Media guru Jade Credentino.

Where to find the CarExpert Podcast

You can find the CarExpert Podcast on your favourite podcast platform. If in doubt, simply click on the RSS feed below, or follow the links to the Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts applications to subscribe.

It’ll also soon be live on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, subscribe to get all the latest new car reviews.

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