Peak Analogue is here: Introducing the 355 by Evoluto a remastered and re-engineered Italian icon [Photo Gallery]


Evoluto Automobili is proud to introduce the new 355 by Evoluto®. Delivering a significant advancement in driving dynamics, light-weighting and engineering quality. The re-engineered Italian icon combines a Peak Analogue® driving experience with exceptional design, state-of-the-art technology, and indulgent luxury all brought together through an OEM standard engineering programme.

The 355 by Evoluto® represents a new era in the realm of bringing automotive classics back to life, distinguishing itself through a design and re-engineering process usually reserved for an OEM-grade new product engineering programme, a first in this sector. With a level of sophistication typically reserved for major luxury automotive brands. This meticulous process ensures that every aspect of the 355 by Evoluto®—from its enhanced performance and reliability to its cutting-edge technology and luxurious design—meets the highest standards of quality and precision, setting a new benchmark for excellence. 

Evoluto’s bespoke automotive services are applied to one of the most iconic supercars of the 90’s. Beginning with a customer-supplied Ferrari 355, serving as the donor car, each commission undergoes a personalised journey, meticulously disassembled to its core chassis, thoroughly assessed, cleaned, strengthened with carbon fusing, and prepared for the next stages of customisation.

The enhancements honour the legacy of the legendary Italian supercar while integrating cutting-edge advancements that propel it into the future of high-emotion driving.

Carbon Fusing – Remarkable Composure:  
The 355 by Evoluto® is a ground up commission that begins with the core integrity of the donor chassis. Through an extensive torsional rigidity study, a comprehensive carbon fusing programme is implemented, achieving a remarkable 23% increase in overall torsional stiffness. This enhancement ensures that all critical hard points on the chassis are fortified and chassis flex is minimised, providing a robust foundation for the enhanced driving dynamics Evoluto® aimed to achieve.

Performance  Elevated Power and 21st Century Reliability:
The 355 by Evoluto® is engineered to offer an extraordinary blend of increased performance and 21st century reliability. The soul of the car is the naturally aspirated flat plane crank V8 engine, now delivering an impressive 420hp, revving up to 8,500rpm. With over 200 new and redesigned engine components, the thoroughly reworked powertrain provides increased power, response and 21stcentury reliability.

Upgrades include an all new engine management system and Evoluto® bespoke tuning. Evoluto’s new coil-on-plug ignition solution improves performance by delivering precise ignition timing, stronger spark energy, increased fuel efficiency and 21st century reliability through direct control of each cylinder’s ignition. The result is an explosive throttle response and an enhanced connection between engine and driver.

The original engine is distinguished by its use of a quill shaft; a notable feature that connects the engine to the transmission, enabling a more compact and efficient design. The upgraded engine enhances this concept with a proprietary Evoluto® designed quill shaft, which reduces vibration, provides 21st century reliability through thermal optimisation, and improves engine performance by a more efficient transfer of power.

Furthermore, Evoluto’s fully CNC ported head with larger inlet valves enhances engine performance by improving airflow and combustion efficiency, leading to increased power output and better thermal management. These upgrades also contribute to 21st century reliability by reducing mechanical stress and ensuring consistent, high-quality performance.

As one of the best sounding Italian supercars – Evoluto® has paid particular attention to both the acoustic and performance attributes of an all new light-weight titanium sports exhaust system. Equal length headers improve performance by ensuring exhaust gases from each cylinder arrive at the collector at evenly spaced intervals, enhancing exhaust flow and reducing back pressure. This leads to more consistent cylinder pressure, balanced power output, and improved engine breathing. The result is increased horsepower and torque, especially at higher RPMs, along with optimised engine tuning and an emotional acoustic profile.

Additionally, Evoluto® has developed solid cam lifters coupled to a bespoke inlet camshaft, that increase performance by enabling higher RPM stability and delivering precise, consistent power. This enhancement further increases power output and responsiveness and the ability to fine-tune the engine’s performance to match Evoluto’s target driving characteristics.

The engine enhancements are designed not just for more power, but also to deliver 21st century reliability, making the car both a joy to drive and a reliable companion on any journey. 

Optimised Weight and Handling:
With a target weight of 1250kg, the 355 by Evoluto® promises exceptional agility and responsiveness. Each donor Ferrari 355 is subject to extensive strengthening of the chassis through strategic application of carbon bracing and fusing in key areas of the platform. Additionally, the carbon fibre body panels significantly reduce weight while enhancing stiffness, contributing to the 23% improvement in torsional rigidity. The material choice ensures hard points critical to the vehicle’s dynamics and suspension tuning are improved for enhanced handling and stability.

New Electronic Architecture:
The 355 by Evoluto® features an entirely new wiring and electronic architecture developed in-house, this comprehensive overhaul of the wiring harness delivers numerous benefits, including 21stcentury reliability and improved performance. The Evoluto® proprietary design ensures optimal power distribution and communication between the car’s systems, reducing the risk of electrical failures and increasing overall efficiency. Additionally, the streamlined architecture simplifies maintenance and upgrades, offering easier access for diagnostics and repairs.

Reworked Transmission and Advanced Braking:
In-line with targeting the ‘Peak Analogue®’ driving experience, the importance of transmission refinement, weight, and feel was paramount in the development of the Evoluto® driving experience. Particular focus was applied to the tactility of the reworked 6-speed manual gearbox, intended to make every gear shift an occasion, delivering an engaging connection between car and driver while offering precise control over the car’s performance.

As standard, Brembo GT 6 Piston slotted discs are fitted at the front with 4 piston callipers at the rear together with uprated Brembo pads, lines and performance fluids. Optional carbon CCMR brakes are available offering stunning stopping power and minimise brake fade, ensuring consistent performance even under the most demanding conditions. These upgrades ensure the 355 by Evoluto® can handle the increased power and speed with confidence while contributing to performance closer in line with contemporary supercars.

Wheels and Tyres – Grip and Slip:
During the development of the car, one of the most crucial attributes was maintaining a playful nature. It was essential to have enough grip in reserve to instil confidence when driving at high speeds, while also allowing the ability to break traction and explore the dynamics of the revised chassis in environments suitable for sliding. Therefore, the choice of wheel and tire size, along with the tire compound and purpose, was imperative. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires were selected for their road-biased compound, fitted to custom forged alloys—19 inches at the front and rear, 235/35/19 and 305/30/19 fitment, respectively. The result is an ideal balance of speed and playfulness, providing maximum enjoyment in all conditions.

Bolder by Design:
The interior and exterior of the 355 by Evoluto® is created by famed design team at Callum Designs. True to the original ethos of the iconic Italian supercar, the exterior design is a balanced expression of power and beauty, integrating the heritage of the classic Ferrari 355 while showcasing proportions suggestive of a modern interpretation of the icon supercar. 

The remastered design features a more muscular physique to signify the power that lies beneath, with an increase in track width enhancing its stance. The all-new front-end design includes larger and deeper cooling intakes and a re-shaped front splitter, framed by new LED pop-up headlights with a distinctive new DRL signature and intricate surface detailing. The wide-track stance is complemented by standard-fit 19-inch forged alloy wheels at the front and 19-inch at the rear, new wing mirrors improve the aerodynamic profile of the car, while new flush-fitting door release mechanisms welcome occupants into the ultra-luxurious cabin.

For customers looking to put their own stamp on the 355 by Evoluto®, endless possibilities for personalisation are available. Customers are invited to take a unique personal commissioning journey, from selecting distinguishing details to custom paint and interior options. The Evoluto®  design team offers endless possibilities to create a true one-of-a-kind commission.

Interior Craftsmanship and Technology:
The interior of the 355 by Evoluto® blends timeless design with modern luxury. Owners can personalise their vehicle with bespoke paint, leather, and material finishes, creating a driving environment that is both immersive and intuitive. The state-of-the-art interior design focuses on a driver-centric cockpit, seamlessly integrating modern technology with luxury craftsmanship and materials.

Further Comments:
Ian Callum, renowned designer of the Peak Analogue®, 355 by Evoluto®, states: “Creating a special and updated version of such an iconic car such as the 355 is challenging. It requires total understanding of the boundaries of change. However, the team at CALLUM enjoyed bringing together new forms and details to produce a beautiful design, while fully respecting the original.”

Darren McDermott, Executive Chair, DRVN Automotive Group, notes: “This is an exciting time for the DRVN automotive group. The Peak Analogue®, 355 by Evoluto® programme not only honours the classic legacy of an iconic Italian supercar but also offers our customers a unique journey of personalisation for each commission.”

Amjad Ali, Technical Director of Evoluto Automobili “The 355 was iconic in 1995, now 30 years later, we’ve re-engineered it to OEM standards, utilizing contemporary technology and materials to create a car that comes alive when driven hard. In a world dominated by turbochargers, hybrids, electronic gears, and multi-stage dampers, Evoluto’s Peak Analogue® philosophy breathes new life into this classic 355, delivering an engaging driving experience that’s unparalleled today.”

As Technical Director at GuntherWerks for 7 years, Amjad carved out a niche in the automotive world by blending classic car aesthetics with modern performance and technology.

His philosophy at GuntherWerks revolved around maintaining the soul of the classic 911 while incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance performance and drivability. This positioned GuntherWerks as one of the leaders in the restomod segment, influencing trends and standards in the customization of classic cars.

Amjad’s personal passion for cars, drives his dedication to creating vehicles that honour the heritage of the brand while pushing the boundaries of what these cars can achieve. 

Price & Availability:
Each restoration is unique, tailored to the owner’s specific preferences and requirements. Prices for Evoluto’s restoration services vary based on these individual requests. To ensure exclusivity, only 55 units of the Peak Analogue®, 355 by Evoluto® will be commissioned, each supported by a concierge-level customer journey

In Public:
For those eager to witness the Peak Analogue®, 355 by Evoluto® in person, apply to attend the launch of the car at a private preview during the Festival of Speed in the UK from July 11-14 2024, or Monterey Car Week in Northern California in August 2024.

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