Live ‘The Italian Job’ movie dream with this life-sized Mini driving simulator

Based on a 1974 Mini, this movie replica swaps horsepower for graphics processing power.

A driving simulator fitted inside the bodyshell of a 1974 Mini has come up for sale on the international auction site Car and Classic.

Film buffs will be quick to notice the Mini is a replica of one of the starring cars from the cult 1969 movie The Italian Job.

It’s fitted with accessories seen on the movie car such as mesh headlight protectors, race-style bonnet straps, and a “LGW 809G” number plate – a nod to the vehicle that appeared in the movie’s final chase scene. 

On the inside, the Mini looks to have retained the majority of its interior layout, including the standard seats, original steering wheel, and centre speedometer.

There’s also a stack of (presumably fake) gold bars in the boot of the Mini, which is another reference to the 1969 movie.

According to the listing, this Mini was completely stripped to a bare shell prior to the installation, but built back up with the “original steering mechanism, gears, and instrument cluster.”

The pedals have been adapted to work with a driving simulator pedal box, which can reportedly mimic braking resistance whilst driving.

The driver’s seat now sits on a “freedom motion system” that can simulate the g-forces a driver might experience during acceleration, braking, and cornering.

Supposedly adding to the sense of immersion, two fans have been installed within the dash that blow air relative to the car’s speed — the faster you go, the faster the air comes out.

Beneath the bonnet, the original engine and transmission has been removed, and replaced with a gaming PC.

Though the original windscreen can be supplied to the new owner, the system makes use of a curved screen that’s to be used with a 4K projector.

The seller notes Assetto Corsa and racing video games are installed on the PC, but drivers will be able to add more to this list.

Prior to the auction, this driving simulator was estimated to sell for between $AU48,000 and $AU57,000.

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