Just a casual 1,800hp R35 GTR Motor stuffed into a Mitsubishi Evolution VIII

Stashed away in a gloomy Northampton garage in the United Kingdom lies a Frankenstein. A creation combining two of Japan’s legendary race-bred powerhouses, a Mitsubishi Evolution VIII with the heart of Godzilla.

Conrad Bradley is the first man on the planet to successfully swap a VR38DETT engine into a Mitsubishi Evolution –the world’s first “R35 Evo” – and it’s all-wheel drive.

The idea began in 2013 upon the deconstruction of Bradley’s 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII, nicknamed “Possessed”. It was built to make 1026hp thanks to a forged 2L 4G63 engine pushed within an inch of its life.

When Conrad accepted a career change in Singapore, he knew he wouldn’t be returning to the UK for some time. He was forced to retire from drag racing which prompted him to strip and sell the Evolution.

As he stared at the skeleton of his years of hard work, he began to reimagine his Evo and decided he would own one again in the future. When it was finally time to farewell the rolling shell, Conrad took note of its measurements and held onto them for developmental research—initially planning a small-block twin turbo V8 swap.

“I am an eng

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