Is it legal to use a bike carrier in Australia?

If you want to go for a bike ride but the destination is too far away to ride to, you’d clearly think about driving there with your bicycle. Lots of people do it.

There are strict dimensional and location restrictions for using a bike carrierBicycles can be mounted to a carrier, but there are stipulationsThe vehicle’s number plate and rear lighting must remain clearly visible in all instances

But if you don’t have a vehicle like a ute, van or large station wagon that allows you to simply put your bikes in the back, you might need to make use of a bike carrier.

There are different types of carriers available – including boot/trunk mounted, roof mounted, spare tyre mounted, towing receiver hitch mounted, and indoor mounted. 

If you plan to use any of these cycle mount options, you should be aware that there are strict rules about the ways that you can and should mount bicycles to your vehicle, which are designed to keep the driver of the car with the rack fitted, as well as other road users around them, safe.

At the time of publishing there are reports that some of the newer types of racks and mounts are not within the scope of the exist

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