Ford celebrates the 1970s with groovy Bronco Sport

Ford has revealed a special Bronco Sport that harkens back to some of its most lurid special editions from the 1970s.

The Ford Bronco Sport Free Wheeling edition features colourful exterior graphics, much like those found on Broncos and F-Series trucks from the late 1970s with the Free Wheeling Package, as well as other flashy special editions like the Econoline Cruising Van and Pinto Cruising Wagon.

While it lacks features like portholes and shag carpeting that were seen on some of these classic Fords, it gets something just as visually loud: bright red inserts on the 17-inch alloy wheels to tie in with the four-colour reflective exterior graphics.

The red, orange, yellow and silver graphics run down the sides of the vehicle and along the bonnet, while there’s also a contrasting Shadow Black roof, a silver-painted grille with two-tone badging, and a modified lower front end insert.

The colourful accents continue inside, with red and orange ‘sunset’ pinstriping on the seats and red accents on the dash and doors. Ombre stitching is also found on the seats and door trims.

The Free Wheeling edition was firs

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