Ferrari collides with Lamborghini in fatal overtaking crash in Italy


Video has emerged of a crash between two supercars and a motorhome that led to two deaths on a two-lane road outside San Giovanni Suergiu in South Sardinia, Italy.

In the footage, taken from a vehicle travelling behind a motorhome, we can see two Ferraris and two Lamborghinis perform an overtaking manoeuvre.

They in turn go to overtake the motorhome, but just as the second Lamborghini does so, a third Ferrari emerges and strikes it.

The two vehicles in turn collide with the motorhome, which flips on its side.

Italian news agency Ansa reports the occupants of the Ferrari that crashed, Swiss tourists Melissa and Markus Krautli, were killed when their rented vehicle overturned and burst into flames.

They were in Italy for the Sardinia Supercar Experience.

The occupants of the Lamborghini were reportedly unharmed, with the occupants of the camper suffering minor injuries.

The video of the footage will reportedly be used by authorities to reconstruct the tragedy, and the wrecked vehicles have been seized.

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