2023 Nissan Patrol price and specs

Nissan hasn’t made any changes to its Patrol for 2023, though later in the year it will bolster its full-sized SUV range with a more rugged Warrior variant.

UPDATE, 13/08/2023 – Nissan Australia has upped pricing of the Patrol by up to $2740.

“Many challenges facing the industry globally, including the rising costs of raw materials and shipping have had a knock-on effect on vehicle pricing, however Nissan is working hard to ensure that we continue to offer the best value proposition for our customers,” said a Nissan Australia spokesperson.

The Patrol Warrior will only be available in Australia and is part of a partnership between Nissan Australia and local firm Premcar.

Development started in September last year and is expected to last 12 months according to Nissan Australia’s managing director Adam Paterson.

The Warrior will be lo

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