2023 BMW X3 sDrive20i review

Entry-level luxury cars used to be stripped out, basic affairs designed to lure buyers into showrooms for an upsell. That’s changing, though.

The entry point to the BMW X3 range in 2023 features most of the equipment offered on more expensive models.

It doesn’t have a list of options longer than War and Peace, and it doesn’t feature a gutless engine incapable of hauling it around with people on board.

So, what’s the catch? Well, it’s not what you’d call cheap anymore.

BMW has never been in the business of selling its cars cheap, but the new X3 range now starts well above $80,000 before on-road costs – and that’s for the rear-wheel drive model on test here, not a more capable all-wheel drive setup.

WATCH: Paul’s video review of the X3 xDrive30d

No matter how alluring the BMW badge is, that’s a lot of money for an entry level SUV. How does it stack up?

How much does the BMW X3 sDrive20i cost?

This is the cheapest mode

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