Buckle up and sing out loud with Nissan Townstar Karaok-e

Nissan Townstar Karaok-e
Nissan Townstar Karaok-e

Nissan is bringing beats to the streets with the Townstar Karaok-e: a one-of-a-kind, 100% electric van that delivers a full karaoke lounge experience on the move. This custom-built mobile music studio demonstrates the versatility of the Townstar EV platform, where the only limit to a conversion is your imagination.

Boldly breaking the mould, Nissan Townstar Karaok-e delivers essential electric efficiency and refinement alongside on-the-go entertainment that’s sure to keep everyone singing. Equipped with a 45kWh battery and total WLTP city range of up to 219 miles (up to 163 miles in the combined cycle), this unique Townstar EV has been customised with a fully functional, built-in karaoke system to offer two friends an experience that’s as fun as it is unforgettable.

The development and design of the Townstar Karaok-e was conceived with two concepts at its core: wellbeing and happiness. Singing and music are scientifically proven to reduce stress, boost dopamine levels and produce endorphins, so the Karaok-e is perfect way to defy the ordinary and turn any cross-town trip into a fun-filled joyous journey.

Revamped interior for a sensational singing experience

The Townstar Karaok-e’s load area has been transformed into a cutting-edge karaoke lounge capable of turning anyone into a singing sensation. With an interior revamped to provide maximum passenger comfort and limousine-like legroom, the Townstar Karaok-e perfectly shows off the agility of one of Nissan’s most popular vans.

From its fully integrated, state-of-the-art sound system and subwoofer to its 32-inch high-definition display and wide repertoire of songs spanning multiple languages, the Townstar Karaok-e guarantees a journey enriched with unforgettable performances. Passengers can also record their performances on GoPro cameras, and then seamlessly personalise and share their intros, outros and fantastic failed falsettos on popular social platforms using built-in touchscreens.

To make every performance even more immersive, the LED cabinet and interior roof lights are synchronised to the beat, while the Karaok-e’s exterior features an eye-catching ‘On Air’ sign mesmerising colour flow wrap that changes colour in the light as you move around the vehicle, guaranteeing maximum attention from pedestrians and other road users.

How would you transform a Townstar EV?

While the Townstar Karaok-e is not available to purchase, the regular Townstar EV is and it’s now available in the UK as an ultra-versatile Crew Van, with five seats and an uber-flexible interior.

Townstar EV is available for orders as Van (L1 and L2 variants) or Crew Van (L2 variant).

Prices for Van variants start from £33,945, excluding FRF, VAT and Plug In Grant (£2,500 on L1 variants, £5,000 on L2 variants), while Crew Van is proposed at £38,295 excluding FRF, VAT and £5,000 Plug In Grant. Stock for Van versions is ready to go; deliveries for the Crew Van begin in July.

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