When is the next Ford Mustang Bullitt coming?

One of the most iconic limited editions in the Ford Mustang line-up – the Bullitt – is at least several years away from local showrooms, if it comes at all.

Ford is remaining tight-lipped about the possibility of the next Mustang Bullitt – and when or if it will arrive in showrooms.

Industry experts believe it is odds-on there will be a new-generation Ford Mustang Bullitt – given the special edition was included in the previous two generations – but it could be several years away, in the second half of an expected eight-year model cycle.

Based on the arrival timing of the previous generation Ford Mustang Bullitt – so-called after the iconic car-chase movie of the same name, starring Steve McQueen – the next iteration of the special edition could be at least four years away, after the new line-up arrives in local showrooms next year.

That would indicate a time-line of 2028 or beyond

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