The New Citroen C5 Aircross SUV Revealed

Citroen C5 Aircross SUV
Citroen C5 Aircross SUV

C5 Aircross, recognised since its launch as the most comfortable and flexible SUV in its category, has now been given a makeover to assert a more prestigious, modern and dynamic personality. While building on its strengths of comfort, on-board spaciousness and modularity, it has matured to become more elegant and dynamic with sharper exterior styling and more modern, high-quality colours and materials for the interior.” Pierre-Yves Couineau, C5 Aircross Project Manager

With more than 260,000 sales since its launch in 2018, C5 Aircross has made its mark in the highly competitive compact SUV segment with its on-board space, its modularity and, above all, its comfort, which is unrivalled in the segment. The lavish interior which is a real signature for Citroën, and the brand’s experience in people carriers, set it apart from the competition. Even today, C5 Aircross is a leader in terms of practicality and offers a more relaxed on-board experience. This feeling is reinforced in the plug-in hybrid version, which already represents more than 30% of the mix in Europe.

The change of expression and willingness to take a leap in terms of perceived quality and elegance, especially expressed on the front end, are the defining characteristics of New C5 Aircross. It is becoming more aspirational and will appeal to customers waiting for a more distinctive character.



Visually larger and imposing, C5 Aircross introduces a new design language in which curves give way to more structured lines. The styling of the front end has had a facelift to become more vertical and modern, reinforcing the character of a safe and imposing vehicle. The taut lines and vertical stepped construction contribute to visual widening the front end of C5 Aircross. Appearing wider and more imposing on the road, it presents a highly confident attitude.

New C5 Aircross is adorned with a new interpretation of the Brand logo, which gradually gains its independence and detaches itself from the daytime running lights, thereby marking a move on from other models in the range, in which the chevrons extended to the daytime running lights via a chrome strip. The chevrons now appear in black lacquer set off in chrome. They extend visually via a set of increasingly tight chrome and black piano keys that gradually blend into LED daytime running lights. Very subtle, refined and detailed work has been done in this section to enhance the overall impression. This gives the logo more breathing space in the centre of the grille.

Characteristic of the new Citroën identity, the V-shaped day time running lights LED signature is made of a piano keys design which gives a hi-tech and deeper-looking 3D effect to the front lights. Furthermore, the LED Vision projector are more discrete and darker, prolonging visually the black grille and further accentuating the robustness of the vehicle.

The logo and V-shaped light signature are underlined at the bottom of the grille by a high-quality black lacquered strip carefully designed down to the graphical details: the chevron pattern that starts under the logo moves vertically up to become parallel to the piano keys of the daytime running lights signature.

Beneath the grille, the new styling of the air intake area visually widens the front end of C5 Aircross and gives it a more imposing stance on the road. The air curtains, which have become open and functional, appear to be sculpted by the air and help to improve the aerodynamics. The colour of the inserts adorning the air curtains contributes to the vehicle’s move upmarket, with glossy or pearlescent shades such as Glossy Black and Dark Chrome. The main air intake in the centre also becomes more dynamic and elegant thanks to sharp lines echoing the style of the central air intakes of C4 and C5 X.

The skid plate in the lower area of the front bumper makes the front end more dynamic and gives it a more high-quality and prestigious appearance. The fairing is available in two very upmarket materials, depending on the level of finish: in Glossy Black on the Live, Live Pack and Feel finishes, and in Glossy Aluminium on the Feel Pack, C-Series, Shine and Shine Pack finishes.


The new vertical and structured profile of the nose reinforces the perception of power and robustness at first glance. This enhancement is also found at the rear in the new structured headlight lenses. C5 Aircross features a distinctive posture, expressed through its full and generous modelling, its high and horizontal bonnet, as well as a 360° glazed line drawing a chrome C side signature and reinforcing the floating effect of the roof. The attributes of a powerful and reassuring SUV also appear in its muscular side panels: ground clearance of 230 mm, large 720 mm-diameter wheels, 360° protections including Airbump® and wheel arches, distinctive roof bars and a dominating driving position.

In addition, several new style elements on the side panels enhance its elegance and modernity, like the new 18” diamond-cut PULSAR alloy wheels with a very graphic aerodynamic design and a subtle play of colours and materials between aluminium and glossy black; the new Glossy Black colour of the rear-view mirror shells, standard across the range, which enhances the elegance and perceived quality; the glossy black functional roof bars with a new matt black insert; the new design for the Airbump® Colour Packs, echoing the prestigious colours of the front-end inserts.

Completely consistent with the front of the vehicle C5 Aircross has a new three-dimensional LED light signature at the rear. Without changing size, the lamp unit is now fitted with dark and structured glass, highlighting the three LED lighting modules that constitute the light signature. The graphic elements accentuate the elegance and consistency with the front light signature. As on the front end, the subtle piano key design reinforces the deep 3D effect of the light signature.


In order to better meet the expectations of customers in the C-SUV segment, New C5 Aircross relies on elegant customisation to significantly improve the vehicle’s move upmarket.

C5 Aircross adopts a new Eclipse Blue body colour, a very deep and elegant blue which changes from dark blue to black depending on the external light. The range has now narrowed around prestigious and customers favourite body colours: Polar White, Pearlescent White, Perla Nera Black, Platinum Grey, Steel Grey and the new colour called Eclipse Blue.

The new colours of the Colour Packs feature on the front air intakes and the Airbump®. Four new Colour Packs, which allow C5 Aircross to assert its SUV character and its elegance: Glossy Black, Dark Chrome, Anodized Bronze and Energetic Blue. The two-tone black roof and black roof bars from the Shine finish add even more refinement to the vehicle.


Following the move to make the exterior more upmarket, the interior of the New C5 Aircross has been given a more dynamic and refined makeover, with improvements to space and comfort that are obvious as soon as you set off. The high driving position, the perceived quality of the materials and the ergonomics and practicality of the interfaces make it a modern and distinguished SUV.


C5 Aircross gets a new 10” touchscreen that appears to float on the dashboard and immerses driver and passengers in a more modern passenger compartment. This new, larger screen improves ergonomics by offering direct-access climate controls and a higher reading that allows you to keep your eyes on the road. The vents are now located below the screen and have been modernised with a new sharp, horizontal design. The new 10” touchscreen will be fitted to the petrol and diesel versions with navigation, and from the Feel version for hybrids.

In addition, the fully customisable 12”3 digital display provides all essential and customisable information directly in the driver’s eye-line: navigation map report, information on active driver-assistance systems, information on the operating status of the hybrid engine, etc. – ensuring that the driver’s eyes stay on the road for completely safe driving.


C5 Aircross is equipped with the new generation of Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats already present on C4 and C5 X. Made of high-density foam in the core of the seat, an extra 15 mm layer of foam and a specific construction, Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats offer the best in terms of visual comfort, seating comfort and driving comfort, and for the long term thanks to a special type of foam that resists sagging over time. To further improve the comfort of the driver and front passenger, the front seats can be heated and massaged.

Furthermore, colours and materials have been refined, with a choice of premium materials to highlight comfort and higher quality. The seats, wear a new structured and contemporary fabric for mid-range versions, a new soft-touch Alcantara on the Shine level, as well as a new high-end perforated leather option. The armrests and the central console are made of a new black leather effect fabric and the dashboard, of a new structured black leather effect insert.

The modernised entry-level ambience and the four new Advanced Comfort ambiences create a more elegant, dynamic and qualitative atmosphere. New Blue stiching decorates the seats, door panels and dash board on all ambiences in a very coherent and elegant way. The Wild Black ambience replaces the Wild Grey ambience, with a new flamine black structured fabric mixed with a new grey leather-effect fabric and the blue stitching. The Urban Black ambience combines a new Alcantara black and a black leather-effect fabric. The Metropolitan Black ambience replaces the current Metropolitan Grey with a new black grained leather and the new grey leather-effect fabric. Finally, the Hype Black ambience has been refreshed to decorate the high-end finishes with a subtle blend between the new perforated Paloma leather and Blue Nappa leather.


The central console, high and large, has been modernised with a black leather-effect-fabric enhanced by chrome design lines which underline, on automatic gearboxes, a more ergonomic layout of controls: a new, elegant and hi-tech e-Toggle gear selector, a new driving mode selection button incorporating the Grip Control function and, on the plug-in-hybrid versions, an intuitive choice of the driving mode (Electric, Hybrid or Sport). The central console also integrates a large storage trail regrouping the connectivity with 2 USB-ports and a wireless charger.



As a distinguished representative of the comfort part of Citroën’s DNA, New C5 Aircross retains characteristics that make it stand out in its segment, contributing to an overall experience focused on well-being and ease of use.

The Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® suspension, exclusive to Citroën, enhances absorption of imperfections in the road and ensures that passengers travel in absolute comfort, with a real “flying carpet” effect.

The only SUV in the segment to offer three individual sliding, reclining and retractable rear seats, allowing you to enjoy people carrier-level modularity in a real SUV. The boot volume is a record for the segment: from 580 L to 720 L in the petrol and diesel versions and from 460 L to 600 L for the hybrid version.

Finally, special attention has been paid to the acoustic characteristics with the option of benefiting from acoustic laminated front windows which amplify the cocoon effect within the car.


The offer of a plug-in hybrid engine for mid-range versions further enhances on-board well-being, thanks to the benefits of electric driving for daily journeys up to 55 km and unlimited driving range for long journeys using the petrol engine.

The plug-in-hybrid motorisation allows a driving in silence and absence of vibrations in electric mode up to 135 km/h, offers an instant availability of 320 Nm of torque, ensuring permanent user comfort by guaranteeing dynamic pick-up at all times. With zero CO2 emissions it gives the freedom to access urban areas where petrol and diesel vehicles are banned.

Users of the C5 Aircross Plug-In Hybrid also benefit from a range of services to facilitate charging: with management either directly in the vehicle or from their smartphone, as well as the possibility of programming charging times. Charging is fast, with a full charge completed in less than two hours on a Wall-box.


C5 Aircross offers a wide range of latest-generation technologies to improve its occupants’ comfort and safety every day. New C5 Aircross drivers benefit from 20 benchmark driver-assistance systems in the compact SUV segment. These include Highway Driver Assist, a level 2 autonomous driving system, combining Adaptive Cruise Control with a Stop & Go function and the Active Lane Departure Warning system, while providing an enhanced feeling of safety thanks to permanent support driver-assistance.


Length: 4,500 mm

Width: 1,840 mm

Height: 1,670 (with roof bars)

Wheelbase: 2,730 mm

Ground clearance: 230 mm

Wheel size: 720 mm

Boot volume (petrol and diesel engines): 580 L to 720 L, and up to 1,630 L with seats folded down

Boot volume (hybrid engine): 460 L to 600 L

Citroen C5 Aircross SUV Reveal

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