Nissan Pavilion wins a space design award in Japan Kukan Design Awards 2021

Winning Bronze prize for Japan Kukan Design Awards

Nissan today announced that the Nissan Pavilion, an interactive entertainment facility that was open from August 1 to October 23, 2020 here, won the Bronze Prize of the Japan Kukan Design Awards in the “Exhibition and Promotion Space” category.

Japan Kukan Design Awards

The Pavilion was designed to showcase Nissan’s initiatives to move people to a better world. It served as a space where visitors could see, feel, and be inspired by Nissan’s near-future vision for society and mobility. The venue was used for the global unveil of the all-new, all-electric Nissan Ariya crossover and the reinvented new Nissan logo.

The award, established in 2019, recognizes outstandingly designed spaces in Japan and abroad. As one of the largest design awards in Japan, it is sponsored by the Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association and the Japan Space Design Association, both of which support initiatives in aid of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. The judging criteria are sustainability, timeliness, creativity, sociality, culture and design.

In the field of sustainability, the Nissan Pavilion featured various initiatives. Electricity generated by solar panels was used for its café, and as a world first, visitors who came in their electric vehicle were able to pay their parking fee with electricity from their vehicle. Furthermore, electricity for the facility was derived from 100% hydropower, enabling the entire facility to achieve zero CO2 emissions.

To the extent possible, facility resources were reused to further the sustainability initiatives of the Pavilion. Used Nissan LEAF batteries, lights, toilet bowls, and fire extinguishers were transferred for use at Nissan facilities, including Global Headquarters and manufacturing plants. Through the City of Yokohama, with which Nissan has a partnership, Nissan provided video equipment to use for city events. Lastly, the large Nissan brand logo that greeted visitors to the Pavilion now does the same for those visiting the Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery.

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