Nissan e-POWER: Innovation that enhances your drive

Owners speak about how Nissan e-POWER supports their lifestyle

In today’s world, we can have demanding lifestyles that are focused around the destination and not the journey. But the journey can be just as important as where we’re going. The experience can even affect the rest of the day by influencing our mood, motivation and momentum.

Nissan e-POWER

In 2016, Nissan set out to change the journey and to enhance the drive from here to there. It launched the Note e-POWER in the Japan market, followed later by Serena and Kicks e-POWER models. e-POWER is a 100% electric motor-driven system that gives you the same high-performance driving experience as an all-electric car. It uses the EV technology perfected in the Nissan LEAF and adds a gasoline engine to charge the lightweight, lithium-ion battery pack only when necessary. For drivers, e-POWER offers a seamless and powerful acceleration experience similar to an EV, without needing a charging station.

Since launch, Nissan e-POWER has been turning heads, enhancing the journey and bringing smiles along the way. Watch the embedded video below to hear three customers talk about their e-POWER experiences. Find out what initially attracted them to the technology, how this advanced technology has enhanced their daily lifestyle and changed their journeys.

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